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Top unique and exciting experiences in Dubai

Dubai offers many new and exciting things for their tourist. Dubai has made outstanding growth and becoming the global entertaining hub of the world and also known as a famous shopping destination. Dubai city tour gives plenty of luxury experiences for its visitors.

If you want to enjoy the luxury experience and new exciting things Dubai is the best place to visit. Here are some unique and favorite ways that you want to live it up when you’re in Dubai. 

Sky Dive:

Dubai offers two locations for skydive. You will enjoy a magnificent and breathtaking view of Skydive over the desert and over the artificial island of the Palm Jumeirah shaped resembling with a palm tree. And you don’t need any training for the drive they also offer special sky diving skilled persons for beginners.

Shopping from the World’s Biggest Mall:

It is not possible your plan is Dubai city tour but not seeing the biggest mall in the world. Dubai mall is the biggest shopping mall in the word not in just area but also it has many restaurants, café, and over 1200 retail shops. In this mall, you can find the world biggest aquarium and underwater zoo as well.    

Eat and stay at the world only seven-star hotel in Dubai:

If you have enough money in your pocket, your stay at Burj Al Arab the world only seven-star hotel and is a most entertaining and unique experience for you. It’s beautiful and luxury design has become a remarkable development icon of Dubai.

Miracle Garden Dubai:

Visit the Dubai miracle garden and enjoy the fascinating beauty of 45 million different species of flowers. Miracle garden is a world’s biggest natural garden which covers 72000 square meters and its open only in the winter season from November to march. In this garden, you can find traditional flower beds, beautiful art style majestic displays.  

A High-class view of the world:

You can enjoy seeing the world from the tallest tower BurjKhalifa. It is a beautiful view of the 144th-floor observation deck. The view from the top of the BurjKhalifa at the 829.8 meters high tower makes its most visiting place while Dubai city tour. It’s a totally unique experience for the tourist.

Dubai Desert Safari:

There is nothing like Dubai desert safari. It is one of the best ways to experience Emirati culture. You will enjoy the charming sceneries, traditional dances, sand dunes drive and with an expert driver, you will enjoy adventurous dune bashing.

Dubai Shopping Festival:

Dubai shopping festival attracts millions of tourist from all over the world. It is a benchmark for all the other festivals in the world. From electronics to jewelry all kind of products are included in that festival. All the best brand and shops offer the best discount deals on their products. During this festival live shows and range of entertaining activities for families take place all over in Dubai.

It’s difficult to categorize only a few unique things that you can experience in Dubai. There are so many things that you like to do and want to experience even after visiting Dubai numerous times. Whenever you plan for Dubai city tour you will always discovers something new and exciting here. So don’t waste your time and apply for a Dubai visa today… 

Get the best of Dubai in one day!

Dubai Travel Tourism

Dubai has so much to offer that it seems like one lifetime will not be enough. But the city is built so beautifully compact that even if you have just one day, you can get the taste of almost all the major attractions. Prioritize your time with must-dos and must-visits and plan each minute to enjoy to the fullest. From the traditional bazaars to modern malls, from plain deserts to full on go beaches, luxurious hotels and tallest skyscrapers, Dubai has plenty to fill your heart with utmost pleasure and feed your travel-loving soul with enough in just one day.

First and foremost, planning the whole day is important. If you want to take the most out of it, you must be a man with a plan. Let us help you with it!

1.    Start the day with city sight-seeing

Start your day with finding out what’s all that buzz about the tallest skyscrapers. The best place to see the whole city is the Top observatory of the Burj Khalifa. There is a minus 10% per cent chance that you have not heard about the Burj Khalifa because we know you have. It is the World’s tallest tower, so there is no need to say how much fun it would be to see the city of skyscrapers from that height. The level 124 viewing deck of the Burj Khalifa lets you experience the World’s most celebrated skyscraper along with the astounding city of Dubai, gulf, beaches and deserts in one picture.

After spending an hour or so, check out Dubai’s famous landmarks. Book a guided city tour to keep the track of time and to avoid being lost. Try to find one which offers visits to both, modern and old Dubai must-sees. Another great option is to take a ride in a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, which will take you to all the major landmarks, you can see, explore and enjoy all you want within a specific time. Keep the major places you want to see or enjoy in mind like visiting Burj Al Arab, riding a traditional boat, wandering the bazaars of old Dubai etc. Keep an eye for Dubai tour packages, many local travel agencies offer them.

Collage of photos from Dubai. UAE

2.    Deserts or Beaches? Choose your pick.

Now it’s time to pick one of the two major kinds of fun. Set your heart on one of the two major attractions of Dubai. Sand or sea? Totally depends on what kind of fun you are looking for. For the traditional Arab adventures, opt for the deserts because it has all the Arab culture vibes. Ride a camel, drive a 4WD into the sands, sandboard into the dunes and enjoy the classic sunset barbeque in a Bedouin-style camp for the added fun.

But if you are all in for the completely different kind of fun. Do not worry Dubai’s got you covered. Book tickets to one of Dubai’s two famous water parks: Aqua venture or Wild Wadi. They have all kinds of water slides from daredevil to simpler slides.

3.    Time to dine in the best food spots

After spending a day full of adventures, all you need is a full-filling delicious dinner. For evening and night, Dubai has so much to offer. You can admire the city lights by booking a dinner cruise on Dubai Creek while you eat the delicious food, or you can have an Arabian Nights-style dinner in the desert under the stars with the Arabian music in the background.

Top Things to do in Dubai

Attractions of Dubai:
Dubai is not just another travel destination. It has become one of the World’s most famous destinations due to its marvelous tourist attractions. Not one, not two but many wonderful attractions are waiting for you in Dubai. It is also considered to be the second most famous shopping destination in the World after America ( Keep in mind that this list includes Hongkong, Thailand and Singapore). Dubai Shopping festival is worth your time and money, each second and each penny! So many world records have already been broken during 14+ editions of Dubai Shopping Festival.

Burj Khalifa:
Burj Khalifa, humbly known as the World’s tallest building, has 168 stories including a luxurious hotel and superb residences. If you want to have an idea about how tall, are we talking about? Put 8 football fields, one above the other vertically, that is the height of Burj Khalifa. It was built with a whopping 1.5 million U.S dollars. This building has won 17 records on its own, one of them is having a restaurant on the 122nd floor ( one of the highest restaurants in the world). Another famous thing about this restaurant is the highest night club that is on the 144th floor. In short, it is known for its height and everything that is either tall or highest. It is in downtown Dubai.

Meena Bazaar:
If you are not the one who has a thing for brands and malls, this street market will probably be your happy shopping place in Dubai. Unlike the tower like malls and multiplexes, Meena bazaar offers haggling around, bargaining, comparing and eye-balling stuff before buying. These soaks are attached more to the roots than the huge and rationalized shopping complexes. From gold and electronics to textile and pottery, you will find everything here if you have an eye and a will for it.
Al Khaleej Centre:

This is the place to go if you want to roam around the luxurious malls of Dubai and experience the other side of life. With over 100 retail stores including the World’s famous brands, this shopping complex is the hub for electronics. It has all the best of things that must exist in a shopping mall: World class food court and entertainment, clothing, footwear, children products etc. It is in Bur Dubai; you can also visit it after the soaks to enjoy the luxuries. Mostly It is famous for tech items, video games, the latest electronics etc.
Global Village:
It is the Disney Land of Dubai. Whether you are going with kids or not, a visit to the Global Village is a must. Here, you will find entertainment for all age groups, even the rides are not age limited. They have Disney characters dancing and singing around, 200+ shops for adults, rotundas of 65 plus countries and 30 plus international restaurants. Can you ask for more in one place?
With everything at one place and so in approach, it is common to lose track of time and money. Hence, it is always better to let a smart travel agency do the planning for you. Do not worry Dubai travel and tourism has got you covered.

Four craziest facts about Dubai

Four Craziest Facts About Dubai

Dubai is not like your usual destination for vacations. It is as crazy as it gets. Dubai is not called the best vacation destination in the whole world just because of the beaches and sands. It has few of the most crazily attractive things which you are not going to find in other destinations.

The craziest and strangest thing about Dubai is that it was not even a properly maintained city until the late 1960s. The city was pretty much desert and few buildings. So, it is not hard to believe that it is built artificially, which is even more interesting. A fully air-conditioned, modernly built city with the biggest skyline of the world in the middle of a desert is a wonder.

Despite the heat factor, not only that it is considered one of the most popular travel destinations of the world, but it is also one of the most comfortable places to lead a life in. There is more to Dubai than just some tourist attractions.

It is not a very big city area wise. Who knew 60 years ago that a small town with no apparent attraction will grow into this big, vibrant tourist attraction in the Middle East? It is not just a travel destination; it has become a business and cultural hub of the area. Despite being modernized on a large scale, Dubai is still attached to its roots. Visiting Dubai will not only leave you shunned by the extra-terrestrial modern architecture, luxurious hotels and man-made islands, it will also take you to the sandy times of Dubai with cultural music, souks and vintage buildings.

The shopping experience in Dubai is out of this world. I am not sure that you will like your own shopping malls very much after visiting Dubai. Not only shopping but also the sight-seeing is mind-blowing. You do not need to go somewhere to see the modern architecture. Just look up and there it is. A sky full of high-end skyscrapers, among which stands the world’s tallest building: the Burj Khalifa. It is crazy tall like 830 meters tall. Not this with over a hundred buildings in this mighty skyline, the number is increasing every few years. There are many more projects going on which is not hard to believe since the economy is going crazy with high tourism and real estate. Why would there be an end?  The development of innovative and over the top projects is never-ending.

So, we thought of sharing a few mind-blowing, crazy facts about Dubai which will leave you stunned for a while.

  1. The Gold used in Burj Al Arab:

It is quite impossible to not know about Burj Al Arab if you know about Dubai since it is one of the major attractions there. But I bet you did not know there was real gold used in the decoration of this hotel. Well, now we at least know why is Burj Al Arab said to be the only seven-star hotel in the world. It is not our everyday luxury hotel. It is over the top, one of the most expensive hotels in the World. One of the suites here: the royal suite has pillars decorated with 24-carat gold leaves. In general, it is said that around 1790 square meters of 24-carat gold leaves are used in the interior decoration of Burj Al Arab. Do you know that with that much gold, you could cover four thousand two hundred and sixty-five paintings of Mona Lisa?

  1. The number of cranes in Dubai

Yes, you read it right. We are talking about the cranes used in construction. You are definitely thinking how crazy that could be. Well, it is crazy enough my friend. With all the ever-growing architecture in Dubai, it is not hard to imagine that there must be an awful lot of cranes in Dubai. But did you know for every three cranes in the whole world, one is in Dubai? Yes.  That is roughly one by four part of all the cranes in the world. No wonder Dubai Is growing at a crazy rate, we can surely see why now.

  1. The sand in man-made Palm tree Island

It does not take a genius to understand that many of Dubai’s attractions are man-made. One of which is a man-made island which has a shape of a Palm tree. You must be thinking; this is the crazy part. But it is not. It’s the quantity of sand which is used to fill up the entire island. Believe it or not, it took a massive 94 million cubic meters of sand to construct the Palm island. Of course, it is a pretty big number, but unless you are a civil engineer or someone related to construction, it is a little hard to feel the massiveness. So, we will tell you in a layman’s language, consider the Empire State building ( Have no idea what it is? Look it up on Google), fill it completely with sand. Now that will be only 37 million cubic meters of sand. The quantity that the whole Palm tree island took will be enough to fill this building two and a half times.

  1. The zero per cent crime rate.

There is a place on earth with zero per cent crime rate? No way. That’s exactly how we responded when we came across this fact for the first time. How is that even possible? With so many tourists coming in every day and not one with stolen luggage or a fraud or a scam complaint? How are they even managing? Well, for starters, the cop cars of Dubai police include cars like Ferrari FF, Lamborghini Aventador and Aston Martin One-77 etc.

Honestly saying, I don’t see a thief going very far with this kind of car-chase. Now we know why the crime rate is practically negligible. Walking hassle free at a tourist destination is dream come true.

Looking for something crazier? Visit to find the crazy and pocket-friendly Dubai tour packages.

Abu Dhabi

Abu-Dhabi is second most populous and the capital city of UAE. The high rising buildings and the state of the art malls and mosques will make you fall in love with this city. For this reason, Dubai Travel Tourism offers incomparable Abu Dhabi tour packages to our customers. Moreover, we also provide Abu Dhabi Tour From Dubai too. We ensure that at our Full day Abu Dhabi tour, you enjoy the most.

We will take you to the best attraction Abu Dhabi offers. Our tour will begin with picking you up from your hotel in our air-conditioned vehicles. Our English speaking staff will be cooperating and guiding you in the whole tour. We will travel for the brilliant Abu Dhabi mosque tour to the Mighty Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

The marvelous architecture and the holiness will be enough to make you fall in love with this place. Next, we will continue our Abu Dhabi tour to visit the luxury hotel, Emirate Palace. Afterward, we will visit one of the biggest malls in Abu Dhabi, the Marina Mall One. The full day Abu Dhabi tour will move towards the end when we will take you to the Heritage village

Beauty Of Dubai

Who doesn’t love skyscrapers, high rise building, and culture together? No doubt, Dubai Travel tourism provides you the best Dubai city tour in town. We strive to design such economical packages for Half day city tour that our customers need the most. We make sure to let you have the experience of both sides of Dubai. Whether it be modern Dubai or the old cultured Dubai. Our customer feedback proves that we offer the best to our Dubai city.

Our Dubai city tour starts with picking you up from your hotel in comfortable SUVs. First and foremost, we will take you to the biggest mosque of the city, Jumeirah Mosque. Surely, the holiness and the outstanding design of this mosque will mesmerize your mind.   Afterward, you’ll visit the marvelous Palace of Sheikh Muhammad. Which will take this city tour of Dubai to next level? Moreover, the residence of Emir of Dubai and the Dubai museum will make you fall in love with this Dubai sightseeing tour.

During this whole trip, we will provide you plenty of photo opportunities to make this visit memorable. We ensure that your Dubai city tour goes safe, comfortable and highly enjoyable.  We’ll leave no stone unturned to make this Dubai sightseeing tour unforgettable. So book us now on our website!