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Dhow Cruie in Dubai – The Best Way of Touring Dubai

Dubai is one of the most glamorous cities in the world and is highly appreciated by visitors and tourists due to its colorful streets, famous monuments, beautiful skylines, and sandy beaches, and much more. Now, who wouldn’t love to explore all such places while being on a luxurious cruise and spending quality time with your loved ones and family? The dhow cruise in Dubai is a perfect example of how an ideal and quality vacation should be offering visitors quality and delicious food, various entertaining events and shows, a vibrant environment, and lively music. Let’s have an idea about what Dhow cruise is and what it is about dhow cruise that attracts the customers too much.

About Dhow Cruise in Dubai

The dhow cruise is known to be conventional wooden boats that were earlier used to transport goods from one port to another but now these cruises are converted into fine luxury floating restaurants. This cruise involves two decks one is fully air-conditioned and the other one is open-air giving visitors a great opportunity to have a quality and refreshing time with their loved ones and feel utterly refreshed and giving them true luxury feels.

Best Time to Avail Dhow Cruise

The dhow cruise is one of the most innovative and luxurious experience that one can avail while visiting Dubai and offering consumer one of a kind experience for life. The Dhow cruise visit can be offered at any point of the day because these are being available for people during the day as well as nighttime to give spectacular views throughout the day to the visitors allowing them to see the beautiful landscapes within the day and spectacular buildings within the night time.

Services Offered On Dhow Cruise

The world-class and fine quality service of the Dhow cruise that is given to the valuable customers includes various options such as:

Delicious Food Cuisines

The quality services of Dhow Cruise Dubai include delicious food delicacies and cuisines that include a variety of options such as International, Mediterranean, Traditional, Emirati, and much more. The food is cooked by the top quality and expert chef that are determined to cater to the food cravings of our consumers. The meal is divided into few segments the starters, main course, and dessert. Also, the guests are served with a traditional beverage known as Kehwah which is like Arabian coffee and has a truly exotic aroma.

Quality Entertainment

The dhow cruise is all about providing visitors with quality entertainment aspects such as live music shows, live Tanura show which is Turkish trained dancers group, lively Dj’ying experience, and also vibrant music allowing visitors to enjoy themselves within the fully relaxed and refreshing environment with their beloved family and friends. It offers people to make lifetime memories. The entertainment offers the visitors to have a luxurious and quality vibe and they can have the maximum visit of the most beautiful city of the world within a limited time also by being on the dhow cruise.

Soothing Ambience

The overall vibe and experience of the dhow cruise is truly soothing and relaxing in a way that offers people to have entertainment and beautiful memories for life and enables them to see the modernized and contemporary side of Dubai along with the cultural side of it too.

Wrapping Up!

Dubai is best known for its glam and entertaining spots that attract the tourists and compel them to explore the city in the best manner possible and dhow cruise is indeed one of the most appealing additions in Dubai’s amazing tourism options to avail and explore.

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