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Discover the secrets of arabia at dubai desert safari

Dubai is not a city but an experience, that will cast a never-ending impression on your mind and will be the cause of your joyful memories. Dubai with its enchanting deserts has a lot for you to explore. Like the Desert dunes that have fun experiences hidden in their sand.

If you ever get the chance to visit Dubai, UAE. Don’t forget to put dune bashing on your bucket list to get a unique and novel experience. This journey will offer many promising adventures filled with thrill and action. If you are someone who loves thrill and action with an amazing landscape you should straight come to Dubai.

Explore the desert dunes in Dubai with the Dune Bashing. Every year flocks of travelers and tourists visit Dubai to spice up their traveling experience. The boundless sandy desert waits for the tourist who carves new thrilling experiences. The dune bashing is one of that amazing sport that will double the fun of your visit.

You’ll probably be thinking, what dune bashing is? Don’t worry we got you.

Dune Bashing :

Dune bashing in Dubai means driving at fast and slow speeds over dunes. As the outer layer of the sand continues to move, it takes exceptional expertise and a unique sort of vehicle to explore the landscape – generally a games utility vehicle (SUV). Anticipate that a stop should let the air out of your tires as decreasing the strain gives the vehicle more footing against the moving sand.

Expectation :

The experience begins with getting up at your hotel or homestay trailed by a 45-minute drawn-out drive out to an inadequate desert scene where there are no city noises to obscure your hearing and no exceeding buildings to hinder your view. The dune bashing some portion of the outing is a rough and exciting ride that goes on with regards to 60 minutes. The vehicles travel in escort and stick near one another as they play out their tricks. In case you’re similar to me, you will participate in the slipping and the sliding, the sliding, and the turning – all accentuated by sporadic seat-grasping and various decibels of shouting and yelling. Also, sand, tons of sand!

Is dune bashing safe?

All things considered; dune bashing is protected. The luxurious SUVs which take you for the insane drivers are outfitted with security gear. The tire strain will be diminished to empower smooth development over the hills. The main thing you need to guarantee is, that you book the excursion with the most reputed organization in Dubai. An accomplished organization will give a need to your security and endeavor to make the excursion a vital one. Thus, no requirement for any concerns. Take a full breath and prepare for the most stunning ride

Things to remember :

⦁ Fasten your seatbelts before the ride
⦁ Go only with professional drivers as driving over the dunes need special skills
⦁ Wear simple and comfortable clothes
⦁ Avoid having large meals before the trip
⦁ Children below 4 years are not allowed dune bashing
⦁ Stop the ride in case you are not feeling good
⦁ Wear sandals or slippers instead for shoes as sand will get into them for sure

What to wear for dune bashing in Dubai?

Dress calmly because unavoidably the sand gets into everything. I recommend a cap or a scarf to cover your hair, and long jeans and a light shirt or t-shirt. I wore shoes and socks with an end goal to cover my feet yet the sand got into them in any case, so I could very well have worn sandals. For people who wear contact lenses, I suggest wearing shades too in light of the fact that little grains of sand get at you effectively when you are outside the vehicle. With no running water close by, eye drops alone will not be sufficient to clear them. After the drive, you are permitted to leave the vehicle, stroll around and take pictures. The evening drives are coordinated to end not long before nightfall so be prepared to catch some beautiful cool shots then, at that point. The visit closes with an outing to a Bedouin-style camp where the Middle Eastern-influenced supper menu incorporates an assortment of meats and mixed greens for certain pastries. Optional camel riding, henna painting, shisha smoking, and hip twirling regularly complete the evening’s exercises. Assuming you’re visiting in the cold weather months, take a light pullover or scarf for the night. A few nights can get somewhat crisp once the sunsets.

How Much Does Dune Bashing in Dubai Cost?

Like you can track down the best desserts in Dubai, the spot additionally offers the absolute best desert safari bundles to have some good times in the sand. Book a trip with a reliable organization that gives incredible desert safari deals. Budget for the AED 360.00 price range but satisfy check several tour sites for the most up-to-date information.

Dune bashing in the morning :

The incomparable Arabian Desert is actually where you ought to be going at first light as the Sun sparkles the most splendid and looks the greatest close to the skyline. Expand at the brilliant excellence and relax in the greatness. The morning is certainly the most visually appealing scene that you’ll find in the desert. Morning jeep safari ride in a 4×4 SUV in the center of the vast Arabian Desert and through the windy wind and sand is a thrilling activity of the best desert safari in Dubai. Usually, the jeep picks you up from the place you are resting and takes you on an exciting trip that lasts for close to 30 minutes.

Dune bashing is all fun at any time if you can get the opportunity to have this experience just anvil if it’s in the morning, evening, or any time of the day or night just enjoy the specular ride of fun. Everything includes in this package is best for your enjoyment.

Summing up:

Exploring the desert dunes of Dubai will prove to be one of the best activities you opt for. in your visit to Dubai, have a lifetime fascinating experience that will cause a long-lasting impression on your memory. Not having this experience will be the biggest mistake you could do. The adventurers and daredevils are surely going to love the dunes bashing experience.
So, that’s all that you need to know before going for a dune bashing experience, if you have ever experienced it or are going to do tell us in the comments. Contact your local guide or the dune bashing contractor to arrange your tour now.

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