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Get the best of Dubai in one day!

Dubai Travel Tourism

Dubai has so much to offer that it seems like one lifetime will not be enough. But the city is built so beautifully compact that even if you have just one day, you can get the taste of almost all the major attractions. Prioritize your time with must-dos and must-visits and plan each minute to enjoy to the fullest. From the traditional bazaars to modern malls, from plain deserts to full on go beaches, luxurious hotels and tallest skyscrapers, Dubai has plenty to fill your heart with utmost pleasure and feed your travel-loving soul with enough in just one day.

First and foremost, planning the whole day is important. If you want to take the most out of it, you must be a man with a plan. Let us help you with it!

1.    Start the day with city sight-seeing

Start your day with finding out what’s all that buzz about the tallest skyscrapers. The best place to see the whole city is the Top observatory of the Burj Khalifa. There is a minus 10% per cent chance that you have not heard about the Burj Khalifa because we know you have. It is the World’s tallest tower, so there is no need to say how much fun it would be to see the city of skyscrapers from that height. The level 124 viewing deck of the Burj Khalifa lets you experience the World’s most celebrated skyscraper along with the astounding city of Dubai, gulf, beaches and deserts in one picture.

After spending an hour or so, check out Dubai’s famous landmarks. Book a guided city tour to keep the track of time and to avoid being lost. Try to find one which offers visits to both, modern and old Dubai must-sees. Another great option is to take a ride in a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, which will take you to all the major landmarks, you can see, explore and enjoy all you want within a specific time. Keep the major places you want to see or enjoy in mind like visiting Burj Al Arab, riding a traditional boat, wandering the bazaars of old Dubai etc. Keep an eye for Dubai tour packages, many local travel agencies offer them.

Collage of photos from Dubai. UAE

2.    Deserts or Beaches? Choose your pick.

Now it’s time to pick one of the two major kinds of fun. Set your heart on one of the two major attractions of Dubai. Sand or sea? Totally depends on what kind of fun you are looking for. For the traditional Arab adventures, opt for the deserts because it has all the Arab culture vibes. Ride a camel, drive a 4WD into the sands, sandboard into the dunes and enjoy the classic sunset barbeque in a Bedouin-style camp for the added fun.

But if you are all in for the completely different kind of fun. Do not worry Dubai’s got you covered. Book tickets to one of Dubai’s two famous water parks: Aqua venture or Wild Wadi. They have all kinds of water slides from daredevil to simpler slides.

3.    Time to dine in the best food spots

After spending a day full of adventures, all you need is a full-filling delicious dinner. For evening and night, Dubai has so much to offer. You can admire the city lights by booking a dinner cruise on Dubai Creek while you eat the delicious food, or you can have an Arabian Nights-style dinner in the desert under the stars with the Arabian music in the background.

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