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Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai Discover the Secrets of Arabia

Haris Khan  was a Tour Guide in Dubai 2006 by Profession now running a tourism Company. He Loves Spending his time on field with guest serving them and make sure they get the services his company committed to them and make their Dubai Holidays. Writing & Travelling are his two more hobbies. Find more details at

Evening Desert Safari with its adventures Dune Bashing at Red Dunes the biggest desert in the territory ( known as Lahbab Desert ) with Sand Boarding, Live BBQ Dinner Buffet Entertaining Show Such as Tanoura Show Perform by male artist, Live Fire Show, Belly Dance these things come to mind when anyone thinks about Desert Safari Dubai. Most of the people don’t know there are other various options of Safari which are Morning Safari Dubai, Sunrise Desert Safari, and Overnight Desert Safari.

Today we will be explaining you about morning desert safari in Dubai with Dubai Travel Tourism. Here is all the information you need to know about morning Desert Safari in Dubai.

Beginning early in the morning, the safari offers you a view of a different side of the vast and mysterious desert. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose the morning desert safari

  • It is great for those who are in Dubai for a short time. The evening tour lasts for 6 hours and takes up most of your evening. On the other hand, the morning desert safari begins early and takes 3-4 hours, leaving you the entire day to explore other attractions of the city.
  • If you are not interested in the frills of the evening safari like the belly dancing and Tanoura dancing performances, shisha smoking, henna painting, etc., this is the perfect alternative for you. The morning desert safari is all about adventurous activities.
  • The morning safari begins early just before sunrise when the desert still has the chilly air of the night. Moreover, you do not have to endure the harsh light of the sun during the wee hours of the morning. You get to enjoy the rides and activities before it becomes too hot

What to Expect on a Morning Desert Safari

Several types of morning desert safaris are available, and you can book one as per your convenience. While the timings and certain activities may differ a bit, most morning tours offer a similar experience. Here is what you can expect during your morning desert safari in Dubai

Beginning of the Journey

A 4X4 Vehicle will be at your pick up location on given Time. Full Customised for off road driving in desert modified with Roll Bars. A Professional Driver cum tour guide with official off road driving license will be driving you to the biggest Desert in the territory as mentioned earlier at Lahbab Desert.

At the assembly point the guide will stop the vehicle to deflate the tyres to enter in the desert.
Before you start   off your drive all the passengers must have to fasten the seat belts.

The driver will drive you on the high dunes approximately 45 minutes then you will have a photo stop at biggest dune where you can see the nice views of Dubai Desert.

At the photo stop the driver will serve you the water, Soft Drinks. If the guests are interested in sand boarding they can go for the sand boarding also. That’s complimentary

After this adventurous drive the guide will drive you back at the same place to pump up the tyres.

Here you will have options to ride the quad bike & Dune Buggies which are optional & Not Included

Tips for Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

  • Wear comfortable cotton clothes while going to the desert. However, do not forget to carry a light cardigan or jacket, as the early morning temperature is quite low in the desert.
  • Wear open shoes or flip-flops that can be easily cleaned if sand enters them.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Do not forget to carry sunglasses and apply sunscreen before you step out.
  • Do not wear heavy jewelry or accessories, as you may get hurt during the activities.
  • Pregnant women, little children, and people with heart and back ailments should avoid dune bashing and other adventurous activities.


Morning Desert Safari in Dubai is a unique experience, one that should be on your Dubai holiday itinerary. So, do not waste any more time. Book your tickets, apply for a Dubai Visa, and get ready for an incredible experience of your life

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