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Early Morning Sunrise Desert Safari in Dubai

Sunrise Desert Safari

Want to take a ride out of Dubai’s hustle and bustle? Dubai Travel Tourism is offering a unique adventure experience through early morning desert safari. This early morning desert safari is a wonderful and unforgettable experience. The beautiful scene of the sun rising behind the Dubai desert will mesmerize your mind and you’ll forget all your worries. No doubt, we provide the best Morning safari Dubai offers and we make sure you love it. Furthermore, we are the first to launch early morning desert safari which makes us pioneers in that area.

 Going on a desert safari was the number one thing I wanted to do in Dubai. I wanted to race down the huge sand dunes and ride a camel and experience the feeling of being in an endless desert.

But when I started researching tours, I found myself sorely disappointed.

Let me first tell you what a typical desert safari is like. A car picks you up around 3 pm. You drive out to the desert and go dune bashing for maybe 20 minutes. Then you go to a camp with all the other tours. There are camels at the camp, but good luck getting to actually ride one because of the huge queue. And if you do get to, it’s only for a few minutes. There are ATVs available (but at an extra cost) and again, you’ll have to deal with queues. Then there’s a BBQ dinner, henna, shisha, pics in Bedouin costumes, and traditional performances.

I couldn’t care less about the BBQ, henna, or shisha. And even less about being at a camp with 100 other people. Maybe I’m antisocial (sometimes), but that sounds like…. just not fun.

I wanted a real desert experience. I want to ride a camel for longer than 5 minutes.

On this trip, first, we will pick you up from your hotel early in the morning. The first and foremost thing you’ll enjoy will be the amazing sunrise. Even if you are a nature lover or not, this experience will make you fall in love with the desert. The amazing flora and fauna of desert will demand your admiration. Moreover, we will allow you to have fun activities including dune bashing, sand boarding, and many others. We will offer our services to capture the best moments of this morning desert safari in your camera.

In short, this will be the best experience you’ll ever have in a desert. We ensure you the best comfortable, safe and fun early morning desert safari

So when I found an Early Morning Sunrise Desert Safari by Desert Safari by Dubai Travel Tourism, it sounded like my dream desert experience. This tour treats visitors to an early morning session of dune bashing, breakfast, an one-hour camel sunrise, 45 min of ATV, falcons, and sand boarding.

I didn’t even mind the 5:30 am pick up time (and if you know me, you KNOW I’m not a morning person.And I only slightly hesitated when they quoted the price… 460 AED (roughly US $125), 3x-4x the price of other typical afternoon safaris.

I confirmed my spot and one early Thursday morning, I found myself dragging out of bed at 5:00 am to get ready for my desert experience. Luckily, this trip was able to happen because I managed to find a buddy (Josh) to join me, since they wouldn’t take just a single person on the tour (story at the end).

By the time we got to the desert, the sky was just starting to transform into pinks and golds. Perfect timing! So we decided to start with the camel ride first (instead of dune bashing) so we can experience it during sunrise.

Starting of the Journey:

Your driver will take you from your hotel and then we will take you to the biggest desert in the territory which is known as Lahbab desert it will be probably 1 hour drive you will enjoy the skyscraper of the by and then flatland after that you will reach at the dunes which is known at Labh of desert is located on a 44 there the driver will stop the vehicle for 10 to 15 minutes to deflect the third so we can drive the vehicle in the desert 

Begging of Adventures Drive:

After deflating the tires you will enter the dunes for Adventurous Drive Before the dune Bashing the tour guide will make sure that all of you are fasting the seatbelts so then it will be a like requested why you can drive in the desert probably 35 to 45 minutes after that the guide will stop the vehicle at the highest point to take the pictures here you will have 10 to 15 minutes stop over the guide will take your pics and after that he will Serve You water soft drink and after the picture time is over you will had back to the point where you deflated the tires.

Dune bashing on Dune Buggy

This activity ended up being my favourite part of the tour! It was incredibly thrilling to ride up and down the sand dunes on a little machine. We followed another guide who led us all over the dunes. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. My face literally hurt from smiling so much with glee.

Because we were fully immersed in the Dune Buggy Ride riding, I don’t have much pictures from this activity. The guide took some videos, but until I figure out how to edit videos, here are a couple of pics.

And then… we got the crest of the hill.

The guide went down easily and it was my turn. I stopped at the top of the crest and looked down at the very steep hill and the guide who now looked so small down below.

“I’m scared! ” I turned around and yelled to Josh. I didn’t trust my driving abilities nor did I like the fact that I had no belt.

“I don’t blame you,” he said peering down. “Want me to go first?” I nodded and off he went. Well, he didn’t topple over.

Now they were both at the bottom and urging me to come down. I shook my head and said I can’t do it. I considered asking the guide to walk back up and ride my ATV down for me. But that’s just too losery, so I took a deep breath, pushed the accelerator just a little, released, and down I went.

And it was INCREDIBLE. The biggest thrill ever.

We continued onwards and the guide led us to several more big hills. With each one, my confidence grew and I hesitated less and less. We zoomed up and down the dunes, conquering each hill.

In the middle, we stopped by another camp and the guide disappeared inside for a bit. When he came back out, he was carrying a falcon!

Meeting a falcon

Falcons are the national bird of the UAE, symbolizing strength, courage, and pride. And falconry is one of the oldest traditions of the Bedouins.

We both got to take pictures with the beautiful bird and then pet it. It had the softest features. E

except when I petted it, it started crying so the guide took him back.

Desert Safari Tours Review

I paid for this myself so I can be completely honest. And I really did think this tour was excellent and worth every penny of the steep price. The tour guides were excellent (except for the dune bashing part, but I was already satisfied by then). The sunrise hour long camel ride was just as magical as I expected (albeit a bit uncomfortable: P). And the ATV was one of the most thrilling things I’ve ever done. The falcon and sand boarding felt like awesome perks. I left incredibly happy that I had gotten the desert experience I’d hoped for.

Even Josh (whom I basically coerced into doing this with me) was extremely happy he had decided to come along. He also felt like it was worth his money.