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Top Things to do in Dubai

Attractions of Dubai:
Dubai is not just another travel destination. It has become one of the World’s most famous destinations due to its marvelous tourist attractions. Not one, not two but many wonderful attractions are waiting for you in Dubai. It is also considered to be the second most famous shopping destination in the World after America ( Keep in mind that this list includes Hongkong, Thailand and Singapore). Dubai Shopping festival is worth your time and money, each second and each penny! So many world records have already been broken during 14+ editions of Dubai Shopping Festival.

Burj Khalifa:
Burj Khalifa, humbly known as the World’s tallest building, has 168 stories including a luxurious hotel and superb residences. If you want to have an idea about how tall, are we talking about? Put 8 football fields, one above the other vertically, that is the height of Burj Khalifa. It was built with a whopping 1.5 million U.S dollars. This building has won 17 records on its own, one of them is having a restaurant on the 122nd floor ( one of the highest restaurants in the world). Another famous thing about this restaurant is the highest night club that is on the 144th floor. In short, it is known for its height and everything that is either tall or highest. It is in downtown Dubai.

Meena Bazaar:
If you are not the one who has a thing for brands and malls, this street market will probably be your happy shopping place in Dubai. Unlike the tower like malls and multiplexes, Meena bazaar offers haggling around, bargaining, comparing and eye-balling stuff before buying. These soaks are attached more to the roots than the huge and rationalized shopping complexes. From gold and electronics to textile and pottery, you will find everything here if you have an eye and a will for it.
Al Khaleej Centre:

This is the place to go if you want to roam around the luxurious malls of Dubai and experience the other side of life. With over 100 retail stores including the World’s famous brands, this shopping complex is the hub for electronics. It has all the best of things that must exist in a shopping mall: World class food court and entertainment, clothing, footwear, children products etc. It is in Bur Dubai; you can also visit it after the soaks to enjoy the luxuries. Mostly It is famous for tech items, video games, the latest electronics etc.
Global Village:
It is the Disney Land of Dubai. Whether you are going with kids or not, a visit to the Global Village is a must. Here, you will find entertainment for all age groups, even the rides are not age limited. They have Disney characters dancing and singing around, 200+ shops for adults, rotundas of 65 plus countries and 30 plus international restaurants. Can you ask for more in one place?
With everything at one place and so in approach, it is common to lose track of time and money. Hence, it is always better to let a smart travel agency do the planning for you. Do not worry Dubai travel and tourism has got you covered.

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