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Top unique and exciting experiences in Dubai

Dubai offers many new and exciting things for their tourist. Dubai has made outstanding growth and becoming the global entertaining hub of the world and also known as a famous shopping destination. Dubai city tour gives plenty of luxury experiences for its visitors.

If you want to enjoy the luxury experience and new exciting things Dubai is the best place to visit. Here are some unique and favorite ways that you want to live it up when you’re in Dubai. 

Sky Dive:

Dubai offers two locations for skydive. You will enjoy a magnificent and breathtaking view of Skydive over the desert and over the artificial island of the Palm Jumeirah shaped resembling with a palm tree. And you don’t need any training for the drive they also offer special sky diving skilled persons for beginners.

Shopping from the World’s Biggest Mall:

It is not possible your plan is Dubai city tour but not seeing the biggest mall in the world. Dubai mall is the biggest shopping mall in the word not in just area but also it has many restaurants, café, and over 1200 retail shops. In this mall, you can find the world biggest aquarium and underwater zoo as well.    

Eat and stay at the world only seven-star hotel in Dubai:

If you have enough money in your pocket, your stay at Burj Al Arab the world only seven-star hotel and is a most entertaining and unique experience for you. It’s beautiful and luxury design has become a remarkable development icon of Dubai.

Miracle Garden Dubai:

Visit the Dubai miracle garden and enjoy the fascinating beauty of 45 million different species of flowers. Miracle garden is a world’s biggest natural garden which covers 72000 square meters and its open only in the winter season from November to march. In this garden, you can find traditional flower beds, beautiful art style majestic displays.  

A High-class view of the world:

You can enjoy seeing the world from the tallest tower BurjKhalifa. It is a beautiful view of the 144th-floor observation deck. The view from the top of the BurjKhalifa at the 829.8 meters high tower makes its most visiting place while Dubai city tour. It’s a totally unique experience for the tourist.

Dubai Desert Safari:

There is nothing like Dubai desert safari. It is one of the best ways to experience Emirati culture. You will enjoy the charming sceneries, traditional dances, sand dunes drive and with an expert driver, you will enjoy adventurous dune bashing.

Dubai Shopping Festival:

Dubai shopping festival attracts millions of tourist from all over the world. It is a benchmark for all the other festivals in the world. From electronics to jewelry all kind of products are included in that festival. All the best brand and shops offer the best discount deals on their products. During this festival live shows and range of entertaining activities for families take place all over in Dubai.

It’s difficult to categorize only a few unique things that you can experience in Dubai. There are so many things that you like to do and want to experience even after visiting Dubai numerous times. Whenever you plan for Dubai city tour you will always discovers something new and exciting here. So don’t waste your time and apply for a Dubai visa today… 

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