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20 % off

Premium Desert Safari Dubai With VIP Air Conditioned Majlis & ATV

Tour Duration
6 Hours
Valid : 30th Sep 2023
AED 999    AED 799

AED Loading 999
AED Loading 799
Dubai Travel Tourism

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai Secrets Of Arabia

Tour Duration
4 Hours
Start From
AED 299
15 % off

Evening Safari With Dinner Buffet ( Standard Camp )

Tour Duration
5 Hours
Valid : 30th Sep 2023
AED 199    AED 169
20 % off

Evening Desert Safari Dubai With BBQ Dinner Buffet ( Quality Camp )

Tour Duration
6 Hours
Valid : 30th Sep 2023
AED 299    AED 239
25 % off

Red Dune Desert Safari ( 4 Star Camp Premium Live BBQ Dinner )

Tour Duration
6 Hours
Valid : 30th Sep 2023
AED 399    AED 299

Desert Safari With 5 Star Gourmet Buffet Top Rated

Tour Duration
7 Hours
Start From
AED 1200
20 % off

Sun Downer Desert Safari With Quad Biking & Premium Dinner Buffet

Tour Duration
6 Hours
Valid : 30th Sep 2023
AED 599    AED 479

Sunset Camel Trekking Experience The Culture & History

Tour Duration
6 Hours
Start From
AED 499

Royal Luxury VIP Desert Safari DTT Signature

Tour Duration
9 Hours
Start From
AED 3999

AED Loading 3999
Dubai Travel Tourism

5 Star Sunset Experience At Sonara Camp's Lounge

Tour Duration
Start From
AED 1200

AED Loading 1200
Dubai Travel Tourism
20 % off

Morning Desert Safari & Dune Bashing In Dubai

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Valid : 30th Sep 2023
AED 199    AED 159
25 % off

Morning Red Dune Desert Safari Lahbab Desert

Tour Duration
4 Hours
Valid : 30th Sep 2023
AED 249    AED 187

Morning Camel Trekking Experience At Lahbab Desert

Tour Duration
4 Hours
Start From
AED 350

Over Night Desert Safari Dubai With Premium BBQ Dinner Buffet

Tour Duration
16 Hours
Start From
AED 800

Hummer Desert Safari Dune Bashing At Red Dunes Premium

Tour Duration
6 Hours
Start From
AED 650

Private Red Dune Safari With Premium Buffet & Premium Sitting

Tour Duration
6 Hours
Start From
AED 1750

VIP Desert Safari With Private Tent Al Inclusive

Tour Duration
5 Hours
Start From
AED 6000

Full Day Liwa Desert Safari | Age Restrictions Only Adults

Tour Duration
16 Hours (Approx)
Start From
AED 2500

Overnight Desert Safari In Liwa Desert ( Age Restrictions Only Adults )

Tour Duration
22 Hours (Approx)
Start From
AED 3000

Hatta Mountain Safari

Tour Duration
6 Hours
Start From
AED 699

AED Loading 699
Dubai Travel Tourism

30 Minutes 50cc Yamaha Quad Bike ( Age 4 To 6 Years )

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Start From
AED 250

AED Loading 250
Dubai Travel Tourism

30 Minutes 90cc Yamaha Quad Bike ( Age 6 To 10 Years )

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Start From
AED 150

AED Loading 150
Dubai Travel Tourism

30 Minutes 200cc Yamaha Quad Bike ( Age 8 To 11 Years )

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Start From
AED 200

AED Loading 200
Dubai Travel Tourism

30 Minutes 300 Cc Yamaha Quad Bike ( Age Above 11 Years )

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Start From
AED 299
25 % off

60 Minutes 300cc Yamaha Quad Bike ( Age Above 11 Years )

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Valid : 30th Sep 2023
AED 450    AED 338

AED Loading 450
AED Loading 338
Dubai Travel Tourism

30 Minutes 400 Cc Cobra Quad Bike ( Age Above 14 Years )

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Start From
AED 399

AED Loading 399
Dubai Travel Tourism
25 % off

60 Minutes 400 Cc Cobra Quad Bike ( Age Above 14 Years )

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Valid : 30th Sep 2023
AED 699    AED 524

AED Loading 699
AED Loading 524
Dubai Travel Tourism

30 Minutes 400cc Yamaha King Quad Bike ( Age Above 14 Years )

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Start From
AED 399

AED Loading 399
Dubai Travel Tourism
25 % off

60 Minutes 400cc Yamaha King Quad Bike ( Age Above 14 Years )

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Valid : 30th Sep 2023
AED 700    AED 525

AED Loading 700
AED Loading 525
Dubai Travel Tourism

One Seater 800 Cc Dune Buggy One Guest

Tour Duration
4 Hours
Start From
AED 799

AED Loading 799
Dubai Travel Tourism

Yamaha 800 Cc Dune Buggy Experience 2 Seater For 2 Guest

Tour Duration
1 Hour
Start From
AED 800
25 % off

Yamaha 800 Cc Dune Buggy Experience 4 Seater For 4 Guest

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Valid : 30th Sep 2023
AED 1400    AED 1050

AED Loading 1400
AED Loading 1050
Dubai Travel Tourism
10 % off

Kawasaki Teryx 800 Cc Dune Buggy Experience 2 Seater For 2 Guest

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Valid : 30th Sep 2023
AED 1200    AED 1080

AED Loading 1200
AED Loading 1080
Dubai Travel Tourism
30 % off

Kawasaki Teryx 800 Cc Dune Buggy Experience 4 Seater For 4 Guest

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Valid : 30th Sep 2023
AED 1600    AED 1120

AED Loading 1600
AED Loading 1120
Dubai Travel Tourism

1 Seater Polaris RZR RS1 Buggy 1 Hour

Tour Duration
1 Hour
Start From
AED 1200

AED Loading 1200
Dubai Travel Tourism

1 Seater Polaris RZR RS1 Buggy 2 Hour

Tour Duration
2 Hours
Start From
AED 1999

AED Loading 1999
Dubai Travel Tourism

1 Seater Can-am Turbo Buggy Tour With Bedouin Camp Experience

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Start From
AED 1600

AED Loading 1600
Dubai Travel Tourism

2 Seater Can-am Turbo Buggy Tour With Bedouin Camp Experience

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Start From
AED 1400

AED Loading 1400
Dubai Travel Tourism

4 Seater Can-an Turbo Buggy Tour With Bedouin Camp Experience

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Start From
AED 1100

AED Loading 1100
Dubai Travel Tourism

Can-am Maverick Buggy Experience Single Seater

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Start From
AED 1500

AED Loading 1500
Dubai Travel Tourism

Desert Night Raid Buggy Tour In Dubai 2 Seater For 2 Guest

Tour Duration
4 Hours
Start From
AED 1500

Buckshot X-5 R Turbo Monster 1000 HP Sharing

Tour Duration
5 Hours
Start From
AED 2999

AED Loading 2999
Dubai Travel Tourism

About Desert Safari Tours

Desert Safari Dubai is for those people who seek adventurous opportunities and go for them. It is not for the faint of hearts.Premium Desert Safari Dubai, you get to explore the humongous deserts of Dubai. This adventure is not for the faint of hearts because it involves dune bashing and quad biking which are very rough and bumpy the much-needed flight simulator experience you can get through the fun rides like the camel ride dubai. You can get your very own tour package dubai which includes all the fun and the pick and drop service. The desert safari Dubai is waiting for you to make your holidays the memorable one.  With Safari tour Dubai you can refresh your soul with the enchanting desert sights. So don’t wait just book your desert tour dubai for the lifetime fun.   


•    Explore Nature

While roaming around the desert of Dubai, you find yourself very close to nature and admire its beauty. Sunrise watching is an experience that feels out of this world and the red dunes of the sand in the morning amaze you with their beauty. The sunset is another example of experiencing Nature closely. Safari tour Dubai is an ultimate option for everyone who want to have fun in life. Desert tour Dubai give the amazing opportunity to enjoy life fullest with wonderful nature and wild life and its beauty. Desert safari Dubai is the best chance to have thrill in life while exploring the beautiful desert. The quad biking, dune bashing and camel ride dubai gives the which make your core memory.


•    Adventurous Activities

To involve yourself in various adventures is a great way to stay away from city life's hustles and bustles and enjoy life for a moment away from stress and anxiety. There are many activities which you can enjoy at the desert safari emirates. You can go for Dune Bashing on one of our vehicles the flight simulator experience; people having heart problems should avoid it. You can experience Quad Biking on your four-by-four vehicles. You get to ride camels with guidance. Sandboarding is also fun if you do it with the help of advice and correctly. You have to be very careful because they are all rough activities.

Desert Safari Dubai will give you a lifetime experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai Secrets of Arabia
Sunrise desert Safari will give you an enchanting experience of desert Safari dubai. Dubai desert safari will be an unforgettable and joyous experience for you when you will witness a mesmerizing
sunrise in sunrise desert safari.

Morning Desert Safari and Dune Bashing in Dubai
Start your morning with an adventurous morning desert safari in desert safari dubai. We have to offer you an exceptional desert safari dubai with adventures in morning desert safari as well.

Morning Red Dune Desert Safari Lahbab Desert
What’s better than an invigorating morning desert safari in the red dunes of Lahbab desert? Morning desert safari is considered best dubai desert safari because the striking rays of rising sun make the red dunes shine making the scene breath taking.

Morning Camel Trekking Experience at Lahbab Desert
We have to offer you the best Morning desert safari in which you can experience the pre-historic lifestyle of Arabs like Camel Trekking. Morning desert safari gives you an opportunity to make life-time memories in desert safari dubai.

Premium Evening Red Dune Desert Safari with Air Conditioning VIP Majlis
In premium evening red dune desert safari, experience platinum heritage dubai in dubai desert safari. Roam around and discover the diverse desert in desert safari dubai with us.

Desert Safari with 5 Star Gourmet Buffet Top Rated
Get a VIP treatment in vip desert safari dubai. We offer a scrumptious 5-star dinner buffet in desert safari Dubai. Explore the wilderness of majestic desert in dubai desert safari.

Royal Luxury Desert Safari (DDT Signature)
We provide luxurious treatment in Premium Royal Luxury desert dafari dubai. Our customized deals will blow your mind with the opulence you will experience in dubai desert safari.

VIP Desert Safari with Private Tent Al Inclusive
Experience Private Luxury Desert Safari Dubai away from the bussy cities in the majestic deserts of Dubai. Dubai desert safari will give you memories to cherish on forever. So, don’t miss out the opportunity of desert safari dubai.

Over Night Desert Safari In Dubai Culture
What’s better than spending a night in overnight desert safari and reliving the Arabian Culture in overnight desert safari. We offer the coziest desert safari over night stay in dubai desert safari.

30 Minutes 50 CC Yamaha Quad Bike - Age 4 to 6 Years
We offer the best desert safari dubai deals in which you get to have the most memorable adventures of your life like desert quad biking in dubai.

30 Minutes 90 CC Yamaha Quad Bike - Age 6 to 10 Years
Get your quad bike rental dubai and explore the majestic desert safari dubai. In your quads dubai, you can unravel the secrets of the humungous desert.

60 Minutes 200 CC Yamaha Quad Bike - Age 8 to 11 years
Do you love adventures? Then why not go for desert quad biking dubai in dubai desert safari. With your quads dubai, you can enjoy as much as you want to.

30 Minutes 300 CC Yamaha Quad Bike - Age Above 11 Years
In our dubai desert safari deals, we offer desert quad biking dubai. If you want more time with the quads dubai then you can go for quad bike rental dubai.

60 Minutes Yamaha Quad Bike - Age Above 11 Years
With the exceptional offers of dubai desert safari we provide, get a chance to quad bike dubai deserts and explore the wilderness of dubai desert safari.

30 Minutes 400 CC Cobra Quad Bike - Age Above 14 Years
Adventures are what makes life more pleasant and memorable. Going for desert quad biking dubai is exactly the perfect thing to do in dubai desert Safari.

60 Minutes 400 CC Cobra Quad Bike - Age Above 14 Years
We have to offer the best adventures in dubai desert safari like quad dubai. You can escapade the deserts of dubai on your quad bike dubai.

30 Minutes 400 CC Yamaha King Quad Bike - Age above 14 Years
Collect unforgettable memories and lifetime experiences in this desert safari dubai by getting involved in some thrilling adventures like desert quad biking dubai.

60 Minutes 400 CC Yamaha King Quad Bike - Age Above 14 Years
Meta description: With exceptional and luxurious tours, you also get provided with the opportunity to quad bike rental dubai. So, that you get your fair share memories of dubai desert safari to cherish forever.

Dune Buggy at Red Dunes Single Person
Are you a sports lover? If yes then you are going to be looking for such opportunities in dubai desert safari. Dune buggy dubai will give you an unforgettable experience.

Yamaha 800 CC Dune Buggy Experience - 2 Seats for 2 Guests
We provide our guests with the best luxuries in Dubai desert Safari. In order to boost the adventure, you can get dune buggy rental dubai.

Yamaha 800 CC Dune Buggy Experience - 4 Seats for 4 Guests
Explore the secrets of desert safari dubai in dune buggy dubai. Collect unforgettable memories to cherish for and experience the adventures of buggy dubai.

Kawasaki Teryx 800 CC Dune Buggy Experience - 2 Seats for 2 guests
Meta description: We offer exceptional deals in desert safari dubai in which you can explore the wilderness of dubai desert safari in dune buggy dubai.

Kawasaki Teryx 800 CC Dune Buggy Experience - 4 Seats for 4 guests
Experience the mesmerizing sun rising through the dunes of dubai desert safari while exploring the desert with dune buggy dubai.

Can-am Maverik Buggy Experience - 2 Seater
Experience the heritage of desert safari dubai and local culture while exploring the dubai desret safari on dune buggy dubai.

Desert Night Raid Buggy Tour In Dubai - 2 Seater for 2 Guests
We offer jaw-dropping overnight desert safari dubai deals in which you can explore the majestic desert of dubai in dune buggy dubai.

Dune Bashing implies driving at high and low velocities over the astounding dunes of deserts. Obviously, the outer layer of sand continues to move, and it requires unique abilities and a specific kind of vehicle to explore the way. Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are basically utilized in this particular experience under the oversight of prepared and proficient coaches. Dune bashing is a sort of brave action done on dunes on 4×4 vehicles, utilized expressly for this game. This article will for the most part talk around every one of the undertakings, and exciting and extraordinary encounters you can expect during dune bashing in astounding deserts. Specifically, the article centers around the best places for Dune Bashing in UAE.

Al Aveer Desert

Al Aveer Desert is one of the most beautiful deserts of all time. It draws in loads of vacationers to encounter the one-of-a-kind scope of exercises it offers including, desert safari and experience sports. It is one of the most well-known areas for Desert Safari in Dubai and it encounters loads of footstep during the ends of the week for such activities. Everything is just perfect at the Al Aveer Desert and we can say the fun you can do their unmatchable fun and son many fun activities as the Al Aveer Desert welcomes you for unlimited fun and joy.

  • Al Awir Desert is an ideal place for dune-bashing and quad biking
  • Al Awir Desert is situated around 35 kilometers from Dubai's center area
  • It is known for being the center point of camel rearing and farming
  • Dune bashing is the most famous and the duration of the dune bashing is about 15 to 20 minutes.

Lahbab Desert

Lahbab Desert, this is an optimal decision to go dune bashing or sandboarding and appreciate dinner with an amazing BBQ. The delightful red desert won't make for an encounter you'll ever forget as it gives unmatched perspectives on some other spots in UAE! You can likewise participate in their safari programs, where they pass through country towns while giving data about comprehensive developments happening close by in every area.

These exercises have become more famous options among voyagers searching for experience and amazing chances to investigate the neighborhood culture. As Lahbab desert welcome you for the ultimate fun with family and friends as there so many amazing activities which encourage sports and fun as the camel riding is one the favorite ana the dune bashing which is always the most exciting part as some major points

  • Found nearly 50 km beyond Dubai city
  • It is arranged on the parkway between Dubai and the boundary of the Emirate of Sharjah.
  • its duration is about Dune Bashing 45 to 55 minutes and you will enjoy the real thrill where you can feel flight simulator experience
  • You want 2 hours to arrive at Hatta - the United Arab Emirates from Dubai-Hatta Road - Lahbab - United Arab Emirates, assuming you are going via vehicle.

Al Quadra Desert

It is the most well-known desert area in the UAE among sightseers. It is an ideal site to invest quality energy with your family during a get-away. The pure air, the sky loaded with stars, and the spotless lake carry you nearer to nature. Going through a night in a Bedouin camp with your accomplice feels like home. Take a light and meander in the desert to investigate its lovely species. incorporates many impressive going mud romping exercises. The desert safari is design for you to enjoy fun in life.

This little trip contains desert sports, amusement exercises, and cooking. You go frantic in the wake of entering the desert. The huge scene of Al Quadra Desert urges you to investigate the regular excellence. The heart-molded lake in the desert's center appears to be heartfelt and exquisite.

  • Al Quadra Deserts are found under an hour's drive from Dubai
  • The fun activity of dune bashing in the desert and the duration of dune bashing is about 20 to 30 minutes
  • The distance between Bur Dubai and Al Qudra Lakes is 48 km. The street distance is 60.2 km.
  • It takes around 1h 28m to get from Bur Dubai to Al Qudra Lakes, including moves.
  • A piece of the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, the Al Qudra Lake is a progression of human-made lakes found solidly in the center of the Saih Al Salam desert, on the southern edges of Dubai.

Laisili Desert

Presently, now is the right time to expound on the desert Overlanding trip from Al Laisili. The astonishing dune bashing experience makes you visit this spot over and over, with knowledge of Laisili town and a few intriguing realities about Al Laisili Dubai.

Al Lisaili is a desert settlement in Dubai and a spot for camel ranches, camel hustling, RC plane flying, and open-air exercises. Lisanti is one of the most amazing spots to recognize camels in nature. The municipality is additionally known for Marmoom Heritage Village where comprehensive developments and camel dashing will be led consistently between October to April.

  • Al Laisili, otherwise called Al LusaylÄ« is situated off the Dubai/Al Ain Highway (E66).
  • Driving distance between Al Laisili - United Arab Emirates and Bur Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates is determined by google guides and it is 99 mi.
  • You really want 2 hour to arrive at Bur Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates from Al Laisili - United Arab Emirates, assuming you are going via vehicle.
  • The 30 to 35 minutes is the time for the dune bashing.


Fossil Rock Desert

Drive or take a desert safari to Fossil Rock for a remarkable encounter setting up camp, journeying, or climbing in the UAE. The development uncovers data about the planet and early species, with marine fossils dabbing the cleft., offering guests a more profound understanding of the historical backdrop of the UAE and early life in the desert.

Fossil Rock is likewise one of the ideal puts on the Sharjah map for a desert camp, where you can encircle yourself with the most picturesque mountain trails in the UAE, go hill driving on the moving sands, and stargaze under the night sky. In the event that you're searching for nature, history, and experience, make sure to put this objective on your rundown of spots to visit in Sharjah.

  • The close by Mleiha Archeological Center likewise offers a directed journey
  • It takes about 3 hours to reach the desert.
  • there are many fun activities like dune bashing which duration is about 60 to 70 Minutes.


Liwa Desert

Indeed, there is! The marvelous Liwa Oasis Tour takes you around the scope of this charming desert, nicknamed the Empty Quarter. Home to the desert settlement of the local clans in the eighteenth century, it is notable for its grand brilliant red sand ridges. Go to the delectable Liwa desert spring and loosen up in the delightful tranquility. Witness the glorious sand rises during your 4-hour hill drive towards Liwa Oasis.

 Respect the changing scene from a clamoring city to a tranquil desert. Participate in sand boarding as you slide along the slants of the sand ridges and notice the Tal Mireb or the Moreeb rise which is positioned among the most noteworthy sand hills on the planet. Liwa desert is the most beautiful place where you can have unlimited fun and for the reason to go there is the dune bashing which is the ultimate fun

  • Dune basing duration is about the 60 to 70 Minutes which is a very good time duration to have fun.
  • The distance between Dubai and Liwa is 265 km. The street distance is 321.4 km.
  • It takes around 7h 17m to get from Dubai to Liwa, including moves.


Absorb the all-encompassing perspectives on the Arabian Desert on the enchanting Red Dune Safari in Dubai

Red Dune Desert Safari

Partake in the Red Dune Desert Safari in Dubai and get staggered by the all-encompassing perspectives on the Arabian Desert. This is the most exciting experience for experience darlings and will be joined by live diversion, widespread developments, and an agreeable ride in 4X4 vehicles.

  • Have an opportunity to be flawlessly shot in conventional Arabic Attire
  • Partake in the agreeable and bother let loose pick/drop-off office from 4X4 vehicles
  • Give a lift to your diversion with the Belly Dance Show, Tanura Show, and Fire show
  • Relish the kinds of vegan and non-veggie lover cuisines during customary BBQ supper


Premium Desert Safari

Ideal for culture experts, this desert safari includes a heart-beating rise slamming meeting, a camel ride, live social exhibitions including hip twirling, a photo-shoot in an Arabic ensemble, and a BBQ buffet supper. From Dubai, visit a desert spring and a camel ranch in the Arabian Desert before watching supernatural nightfall, premium Desert Features

  • Evening desert safari including a camel ride, three live shows, and BBQ supper from Dubai
  • An exhaustive introduction to Arabian desert culture
  • Appreciate limitless soda pops and a BBQ buffet supper

Sunrise Desert Safari

Watch dynamite dawn over the sweet on this visit from Dubai. Ride in a 4WD vehicle across sand hills, have a scrumptious cookout breakfast, and visit the beautiful Sunrise Desert Safari Spend vital dawn in the Middle Eastern desert during this early morning safari.

  • When you arrive in the desert, watch the hills and the Hajar mountain range against the shocking shades of the dawn.
  • Partake in a heavenly outing breakfast on the ridges as the desert changes during the morning light.
  • Experience the desert another way during an outright exhilarating sand boarding meeting.
  • Go to the city with a telephone brimming with grand pictures from the brilliant hour.

Essential Desert Safari Tips & Information You Must Know About

  • It is mandatory to pay attention to the guidelines briefed by the guide related to Covid-19 protocols and instructions for safety.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory according to the guidelines of Covid-19.
  • Hydration of the body is Crucially important all the time.
  • It is recommended not to go for dune bashing on a full stomach.
  • The use of sunscreen on all exposed body parts is highly recommended.
  • Please stay near the camp if you are wondering on your own.
  • Warm clothes are suggested during the cold weather and light clothes during hot climates.
  • It is prohibited to disrespect any traditions of the locals.
  • Harming any species of both flora and fauna will be punishable.
  • Smoking inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited.
  • If you have the following conditions, you must inform the driver so that he can drop you off at the campsite while dune bashing.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Heart Conditions.
  • Hypertension.
  • Motion Sickness.
  • The pick-up and drop-off timings are included in the tour.
  • Locations of pick-ups outside the city premises will be suggested a nearer location.
  • We do not provide pick-up and drop-off services because of the huge traffic jams on the side of Rove Dubai Marina & Wyndham Dubai Marina Hotels. The suggested meeting place is at Stella Di Mare, 750M Away.
  • The duration of all tours is fixed, but because of traffic, it can vary.
  • After reaching the desert, you will be given 25 minutes of break in which you can use the bathroom if you need to. Meanwhile, the safari captain will adjust the tires. You can also go for a quad bike ride during this time, but it is optional.
  • To make the sandboarding experience safe, you must wear comfortable sports shoes. To avoid motion sickness, we recommend not eating anything before 2-3 hours of dune bashing and quad bike riding.
  • People with Heart Conditions, Pregnant females, and kids under age three are not allowed to share a single vehicle with other guests as per UAE Law. If you have one of these conditions, you can always get a customized tour.
  • We do not recommend getting a henna tattoo if you have a sensitive skin type.
  • According to the UAE Law, guests will only be entertained by the Tanoura and Fire shows in the camp when the Holy month of Ramadan arrives. But the Ladies Khaliji Dance will be restricted.
  • Other religious holidays will have an implementation by the law, which states that there will be no entertaining activities.
  • The government announces the events and Holy Dates a week before the holiday.
  • We recommend the guests not to carry expensive and precious items with them.
  • You have to take care of your stuff. For any damage, the company will not be responsible.
  • We suggest our guests get international travel insurance because some self-driving activities are dangerous and can lead to serious injuries. Your insurance company can only cover this type of damage.
  • Our company’s insurance policy does not cover the insurance of the guest. Their life is at their own risk.
  • The company holds no accountability for any damage, loss, accident, sickness, injury, or death that any guests can suffer during their chosen activities.
  • We suggest all of our guests have travel and health insurance.
  • You should be aware of the potential risks and get involved in adventurous activities. The captains of our Desert Safaris are licensed and well-trained drivers.
  • Our vehicles are insured and equipped with safety equipment like Roll Bars, Seat Belts, Government Tracker, GPS, GMS, First Aid Box, etc.
  • We do not accommodate wheelchair-assisted people; we can make exceptions if you contact us beforehand.
  • In case of any injuries, mental damage, or physical damage, you will be responsible.

Desert Safari gives you an unforgettable experience in which you can discover the vastness and wilderness of the majestic deserts and experience nature by staying close. Various adventurous activities will give you Goosebumps, and you can experience them all depending upon your choice. There are various types of packages that you can experience in Desert Safari Dubai, depending upon your affordability and your preferred timings. You can experience various adventures and luxuries all together at the same time. Here we will be experiencing the journey in detail that you will be experiencing with us.


Pick and drop

We provide pick-up and drop-off services in all of our desert Safari Packages. You will get picked up and dropped off at the location of your choice. One of our skilled drivers will come to pick you up 70 minutes before all the adventures start. They can pick you up a little early if you inform us beforehand. They pick you up 70 minutes before because it takes this much time to reach the desert. We provide our pick-up and drop-off services for both Dubai and Sharjah.

The luxurious cars you will be picked up in, and the ones that will drop you off will blow your mind away. The most used vehicles for pick-ups and drop-offs are SUVs, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Nisan Petrol. You can also get a Hummer H2 if you reserve it while booking. In an exclusive Royal Luxury Desert Safari package, you get pick and drop by the Mercedes-G-63.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is an adventurous sport and not for the faints of hearts. It involves various techniques of driving along the dunes of the desert. Sometimes our skilled drivers will show off some stunts and amaze the guests with their skills. The speed will keep changing from slow to normal and fast. Our drivers are skilled and careful. They will take proper care of our guests. They will guide our guests along the journey to get accurate information about their amazing journey.

The desert in which you will be getting dune bashing and the duration of dune bashing will depend on the type of package you select. Here are the details.

• The dune Bashing time duration will be 15 to 20 minutes in Al Aveer Desert.

• A total of 20 to 30 minutes for dune bashing in the Al Quadra Desert.

• For Laisili Desert, you will get 30 to 35 minutes of dune bashing.

• Lahbab Desert has to offer 45 to 55 minutes of dune bashing, and it is one of the largest deserts in Dubai with red dunes.

• For Fossil Rock Desert, the dune bashing period is 60 to 70 Minutes.

• Liwa Desert will entertain you with dune bashing for 60 to 70 Minutes.

Camel Trekking

Camel trekking dates back hundreds of years back. Camels were the only means of transportation back then, as they didn't need much water and food. They can survive in the desert for days and weeks without having to eat and drink. In Desert Safari Dubai, you can experience camel riding or trekking if you want. The time duration of your camel trekking will depend on your package type. But the average camel ride lasts somewhere between 20 to 40 minutes. 

You will get a guide to tell you the basics of camel riding and to teach you how to do it smoothly. But if you already know it, you can discover the wonders of the desert safari in Dubai on your early morning or late-night camel trekking alone. This will also give you enough time to reflect on your life and relax. You will forget all the worries in life and enjoy mother nature from the closest.

Quad Bikes

The tour of Desert Safari Dubai is not complete without quad biking. It is a small bike type of vehicle but comes with four wheels. The tires are low-pressure tires. We have different styles of bikes and in different colors. You can choose according to your preferences. Most of our packages have quad biking sports. For some people, who love exploring and adventures, the time duration of quad biking on our tour is not enough. If you want the bike for more time, you can always rent it out. Different packages of Desert Safari Dubai have different time durations for quad biking ranging from 20 to 40 minutes.

A good guide is available to teach you all about quad bikes. For beginners, it is recommended that they do quad biking in the marled area. Professionals can take it to explore the desert, its secrets, and the beauty of nature.

Dune Buggy

A dune buggy is a recreational sport in the desert. The vehicle is a car with enormous and humongous tires. It is designed to drive on dunes, bumpy roads, and beaches. You can hop on a dune buggy and explore the desert on your own, uncover its secrets, observe nature closely, and most importantly, relieve your stress. You can get a guide to teach you the specs and techniques of handling a dune buggy if you don't know how it works. In some packages, a dune buggy is included, and some don't have the activity of a dune buggy. If your package does not have a dune buggy, you can always rent out a dune buggy and go on your adventure of discovering the desert. It is recommended that you should stay as close to the camp as possible while dune bugging. It would help if you didn't go way too far in exploring the desert.

Sand Boarding

You might confuse the term sand boarding with the term snowboarding. Both of them only have one single difference. Ins now boarding, only snow is involved, but in sand boarding, the adventure is done on the loose sand. You can go for sand boarding on the dunes of the deserts of Dubai. Steep and sloppy dunes are best for sand boarding. We have experienced guides that will guide you on how to do sand boarding perfectly without getting injured. Lahbab Desert has one of the best dunes and just the perfect slopes for the sand boarding sport.

We provide the sand boards, and for those concerned, we also provide safety equipment. You can get helmets and knee and elbow protection gear as well. The duration of guided sand boarding is from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the package you choose. If you know the basics, you can do it yourself as well.

Sunset Photography

Desert Safari Dubai is an experience you will have for the rest of your life. This unforgettable experience will have so many memories. But how will you keep memories if you don't have the best photographs? We provide our guests with the facility of sunset photography. We will first dive slowly to the highest dune point. On the way, you can take photos of your choice. Once you get there, you will first view the most mesmerizing scenes in the world. Then our proficient photographer will capture your best sunset pictures that will remind you of this amazing adventure.

Sunset photography is included in most of our packages, and if you want more, you can always reserve more facilities for yourself. We provide top-class photographers who capture professional sunset photos of you. So, make your Desert Safari Dubai an unforgettable experience with the most top-class photographs captured by our photographers.

When you book an evening or overnight desert safari in Dubai, you get to experience the rich culture of Dubai. First, there is Rayna Camp, then Bedouin camp Dubai. In both the camps, you will get to experience rich Emirati culture. You will also experience various traditions that date back thousands of years. The camps are designed in a Majlis style in which the seating arrangement is made on the floor with large floor cushions. The tents are made of dark and bright colors with a combination of white.

At camp, you can get lots of entertainment and various activities. In the overnight package, you can stay in the camp and experience true rich culture. You also get a dinner buffet and various other amenities. Enjoying the camps of the Desert Safari Dubai camps is the most important part of the adventure because it has a purely Arabian culture.

Welcome & Refreshments

We welcome our guests in the most hospitable way. When you reach the camp after a day of tiring adventurous activities, you only need food and a relaxing environment. When the dune bashing is done, the driver will drive slowly on the way to the camps. When you reach the camp, you will get relaxed. You will be offered some refreshments like Arabian Styled coffee with dates. Dates are considered a power pack energy booster, which is why they are served. Coffee will relax your nerves, while dates will boost your energy. Both will provide you with enough energy to enjoy the remaining events of the night.

When you have enough energy, you can enjoy the rest of the night's events more energetically and lively. It is also Arabian culture to greet the guests with dates. Welcoming our guests is about refreshing them and providing them power and energy.

Conventional Arabic Costumes

The main items are white robes, mostly known as thoub, thobe, dishdasha, or aura of the traditional Arabic male costumes. It is worn with trousers known as sirwal. Kefir is also worn by Arab men most of the time. The conventional Arabic clothing for women is Arab gowns, abayas, kaftans, and long symmetrical loose dresses. Arab regions are known for this type of clothing. When you get to the camp, all types of clothes are available. You can either buy them as a souvenir or rent them out to experience the pure Arabic culture and to take pictures of them.

We believe that tourists' adventure is incomplete without experiencing the true culture of Dubai and its deserts. The thwab is also the national dress here. Guests are requested to respect the traditional values of the UAE and value them.

Henna Painting

Henna is a traditional tattoo-style painting that you can get at the Bedouin camp. The henna artists draw beautiful patterns, and the most common place to get them is hands and arms, but you can get them anywhere you want. It is mainly a batter made using various herbs applied in different floral patterns. You leave the pattern for a few hours and then wash off the batter. That batter would leave ink in the skin, lasting about 10 to 15 days. It is a temporary tattoo that is very common among Arabs. The adventure of Desert Safari Dubai is incomplete without getting a henna tattoo. Most of the tourists get it from the camp. Henna's painting completes the adventure of Desert Safari. It is included in our packages.

BBQ Dinner Buffet

After a tiring and exhausting day filled with various adventures, all you want is food at the end of the day to boost up your energy. The dinner buffet is available with the overnight, royal, premium, and evening desert Safaris. The buffet has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for tourists. The BBQ of the buffet is quite extensive. You get various types of kebabs and grilled meat pieces. At the dinner, you also get served various types of drinks. A huge variety of salads is also available on our dinner menu.

The best part about the desert safari is that you get to eat pure Arabian cultural food. One of the most demanding dishes is the baked stuffed lamb. It is only available on pre-orders. The lamb is stuffed with flavored rice and vegetables and then baked. The lamb is then opened up and served to the guests.


Suppose you are the liveliest person and you love to travel to various places and discover the cuisines of various places. In that case, there is no doubt that you haven't heard about the term "hookah" or "Sheesha" or maybe "arghile," which is traditional flavored smoking in the UAE. This is becoming more popular in western and eastern countries daily. If you haven't tried or heard of it before, you have to try it on your tour to Desert Safari Dubai. At the camp, enjoying Sheesha will be your favorite memory of desert safari among all.

It is also known and common as "hubbly bubbly." It will give your day a slow, smooth, and romantic touch. When you return to your normal daily life routine and tell your friends about this experience, they will want to try it.

Live Entertainment Shows

In our desert safari tours, we provide our guests with innumerable options of live entertainment which they can enjoy. At night, our live entertainment shows go on for a long time. There are many, some of them are belly dances, Tanoura Dances, and fire shows as well.

It is a traditional dance and involves techniques. Isn't it exciting to see the vast yellow desert with dunes and enjoy the belly dance? In the fire show, stunts men play with fire and present some jaw-dropping tricks with fire. It will leave you amazed, and you will be awestruck.

Tanoura is the most traditional form of dance of all.

Tanoura Show

One of the most important parts of making the desert safari successful is its dancing parts. These dances make each desert safari unique in its way. The most eminent and traditionally rich show on the desert safari is tanoura. These are specifically prepared for our amazing audience, including you. The preparation for these shows is done there for you to mesmerize you on the desert safari. This tanoura dance will also remind you of some of the traditional Turkish dances. They are professionally synchronized and well organized. Some people think that they are spiritual dances and the dances give them goosebumps. The dancers wear these round costumes decorated with LED lights. The tanoura dancers also play tricks with their dresses and mesmerize you with their performance. You will never find a richer performance filled with traditions anywhere other than desert safari camps.

Belly Dance

Belly dance is one of the live entertainments we provide our customers at the camps that they can enjoy at night. It is a traditional dance and involves techniques. Isn't it exciting to see the vast yellow desert with dunes and enjoy the belly dance? And then examine the length and width. Whether by camel, bike, or jeep, one can get the true essence of the experience by opting for a desert safari tour in the morning or afternoon. It is the best time to enjoy the natural surroundings and immerse yourself in the sandy surroundings while the sunlight changes color.

Additionally, our professional dancers present you with an amazing scene, and you get entertained, and your stress is all relieved. You will get various experiences at this desert safari for the rest of your life.

Fire Show

If you are bored with your current life and want to relieve some stress, you must get rid of your busy city life. There are many moments in our life when we want to run away from some particular situation for a specific time, when we are not ready to face some circumstances and when we want to ignore some stress-causing situations. You can always come on a one-night tour to Desert Safari Dubai in this scene. It will freshen you up, and you will experience one of the most amazing stunts of fire shows when you are relaxing at the camp. In these shows, stunts men play with fire and present some jaw-dropping tricks with fire. It will leave you amazed, and you will be awestruck. So, pack your stuff and join a one-day tour of our desert safari to relieve your tension.

Dubai is a city known for its extravagance of shopping, ultramodern engineering, an exuberant nightlife scene, and limitless deserts. The investigation of Dubai is uncompleted and dreary without encountering the rush, experience and extraordinary drive on the sand as DUBAI DESERT SAFARI. 6 hours of Desert safari Dubai gives you this fervor at your entryway step, get you from your Hotel/Residence and an excursion with energy at its best will be begun by removing you very nearly 40 km from the center area at Al-Lahbab desert district. With all the fun we present you some of the amazing additional options which makes your trips much more fun and memorable, so let's have a look what are additional options,

Falcon Photography

Get to meet the UAE's public bird, the hawk, during your desert safari trip! Falconry, or the preparation of birds of prey, is a customary game in the UAE. It's viewed as high fine art in Emirati culture and has been incorporated by UNESCO in their rundown of the immaterial social legacy of mankind beginning around 2016. Initially utilized for hunting in the days of yore, birds of prey are presently prepared for games and social purposes. Falconers carry their hawks to abandon safaris for selfies and shows, so don't pass up a selfie with the grand hunting bird.

Long Camel Ride

Dubai Camel Riding, Take a stage once more into the old legacy and find the verifiable Dubai like fifty years prior. Your camel desert safari will take you on a noteworthy 45-minute excursion through the tremendous desert in a legendary camel escort. This is the most bona fide method for following the tracks of Arab Bedouin voyagers in the desert. Camels normally get through outrageous atmospheric conditions i.e. warm environment and exceptionally high temperatures in deserts, and solid breezes. Camels can travel significant distances without food or water which is their solidarity, These brilliant creatures are so adored and part of the Arab custom. Normally, camels are very friendly to people.

VIP Majlis

The Dubai Desert Safari with VIP AC Majlis offers a select and open-to-guest plan for every one of its visitors. You seek VIP treatment while you devour limitless drinks and grill dishes in the tent. This is trailed by a live Belly dance execution and Tanura show by proficient craftsmen. This is most certainly one of the unbelievable ways of investigating the sandy shores of Dubai and nothing can come near the sovereignty you get in the VIP Desert Safari bundle.

Food on Table Service

Flavor and meat are two of the main parts of Arabian food, which you'll find stored at a desert safari supper buffet. You can find open-fire barbecues arranged at the campground, preparing a wide range of grilled meats to fulfill your hunger. Plates loaded with new natural products are good to go, cut into lumps for you to crunch on while a social show is being organized. This buffet of Arabian enjoyments is ideal following a day of experience and fun under the sun. End your filling supper with some conventional Arabian espresso and desserts, or select a shisha to settle your overstuffed midsection.

Quad Biking

The night quad biking in Dubai incorporates numerous exercises when contrasted with the morning one. Partake in the exhilarating ride on the quad bicycle, ridge slamming, followed by countless exercises in the desert camp. The night quad bicycle ought to be 15 to 20 minutes except if you book a confidential land cruiser. The driver will pick you up in a 4x4 land cruiser from your inn in the early evening. Appreciate 15 to 30 minutes of quad biking in the high red hills Don't neglect to take your camera and catch each snapshot of the wonderful night in the desert The night quad biking in Dubai is strongly prescribed for a long time 15 or more to take the courageous ride.

Dune Buggy Ride

This involved experience puts you in the driver's seat of a smooth 2,000cc motor dune buggy. Not at all like 4x4 vehicles which need their tires emptied to drive on the dunes, these strong machines were worked to drive on the sand. Climb and slither over enormous dunes as your guard chief manufactures the way. You'll likewise have the chance to do some sand boarding if you decide. All security gear and a limitless stockpile of water are remembered for the trip.

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  • Ferrari World Tour

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  • Cruise Shows

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  • Hatta Mountain Adventure and Musandam Adventure

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  • Burj Khalifa Booking

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Dolphins are one of the most loved sea creatures. In dolphin shows you can experience various tricks done by dolphins.

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Why Choose Us For Desert Safari in Dubai?


We always try our best to host our guests in the best way possible. These are not just words, and we deliver what we promise. One of our best Top-Class desert safari services is:

  • Booking Directly

You will contact us directly for the booking purpose of your favorite package, and there will be no involvement of any 3rd party.

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We guarantee our customers will get WIFI during the whole tour so that they can never lose touch with anyone and stay connected with social media.

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The one thing for which our services are eminent is our reputation. You will always have good to hear about our services and our reputation.

  • Guide Services

All of our tours come with a guide. So that when you are experiencing a new adventure, you first have enough knowledge about it. Because when you have enough knowledge about something, the experience gets much better.

  • Assurance of Health

We guide our guests the best about how they can stay fit during their tours and avoid certain circumstances. If we have some injuries and medical emergencies, we have medical professionals to deal with the problem until official help arrives.

  • Healthy Environment

We are focusing on an eco-friendly environment with cleanliness and freshness.

  • Fast Booking

We provide our customers with the facility of fast booking. This is done by an online booking system in which we provide our customers with an option of online baking.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

 A desert safari is a voyage into the substantially untouched wilderness that provides a unique perspective on the world as we know it. There are numerous programs for your desert safari

Selecting the finest desert safari for me would undoubtedly include all of the activities, including Belly Dancing, Dune Bashing, Tanura Dance, Sand Boarding, Camel Riding, and Horse Riding. Not only is this, but your palate is also taken care of, mouth-watering BBQ Dinner with Veg and non-Veg Optional Dishes   and a perfect time duration that I will remember for the rest of my life

Most safaris in the Dubai desert use Jeep or Hummer vehicles for dune bashing, driven by professional licensed drivers who have been specifically educated for safe dune bashing, such as Dune buggy safari Dubai and quad bike, Jeep Safari Dubai.

6 passengers (excluding the driver) can sit in the vehicle. Luggage is not permitted in this car on a sharing basis.

The best season to visit Dubai is from November to March, when the weather is pleasant and cool. The best time to go on a Desert Safari is after 3 p.m. Beautiful sunsets can be seen on your desert safari.

Deserts are always cool in the Evening.

The Dubai Desert Safari excursion lasts between 5 and 6 hours.

Desert Safari is 35 kilometres from Dubai. The driving distance is around 51.7 kilometres.

You will be picked up from your hotel at 3:30 p.m. and dropped off at 9:00 p.m.

.  Sharing a transfer in the Dubai Desert means you and another friend will share a vehicle while going on Safari and returning to the hotel.

Typically, the desert safari tour is done with a shared car that will pick you up from your hotel and return you after the tour, but you can also go in your private car with some references.

Yes, children are welcome on the Desert Safari. There is no upper age limit for visiting the desert. Children under two must be accompanied by their parents in their vehicle.

Yes, Pregnant Women & Senior Citizens are allowed for Desert Safari. Pregnant women can skip the dune bashing and enjoy the desert safari workouts at the desert camp.

Yes, you can go Desert Safari without the Dune Bashing

. Dune bashing in Dubai refers to driving at varying speeds over dunes. As the sand's surface shifts, it takes a specific ability and a special vehicle to navigate the terrain - usually a sport utility vehicle (SUV).

 The Liwa Oasis in Abu Dhabi is famous for its 4x4 dune bashing, although any excellent dune would suffice.

A desert safari is where you are taken on a trip into the vast unexplored wilderness, giving you a unique view of the world as we know it. A camp is a place where you take a rest before and after going on a desert safari trip.

Yes, Quad bikes or Dune Buggies have included a din the cost of AED 275 ($75).

 Yes, it is safe to ride the Quad Bikes

 ATV riders in Safari must be 16 years old and have a safety certificate. Other states allow children as young as 10 to ride ATVs with the supervision of an adult with a valid driver's license.

 No, you cannot ride our quads or buggies

You have provided the appropriate protective gear while riding quads. Wearing a helmet, eye protection, gloves, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt or jacket, and over-the-ankle boots is a must. Anything less than full protection is insufficient.

Located in Jaisalmer lays the Desert Safari Camp. Local sites Patwon-ki-Haveli and Nathmalji-ki-Haveli can be visited by tourists who want to shop, and Bhatia Market is also possible.

Yes, Sheesha is provided in different flavours on the table in Desert Safari

You can choose from various BBQ options, main courses, fresh salads, and Arabic deserts. In addition, you can take home some unique souvenirs from our Bedouin tents, including a photo of you holding a falcon in the desert or some sand sculptures.

. numerous amusing elements can provide you with hours of enjoyment. Numerous special events, including dances, shows, horseback riding, and camping, await you at the Dubai Desert Safari. This is an exceptional event whose planning is both motivational and enjoyable. The performances, dances, menu of refreshments, and other things all add to the tremendous fun.

You won't have to worry about becoming hungry in the middle of the desert if you're a vegetarian. The safari tour companies always cater to the group of visitors who are vegetarians and have a special menu of delectable vegetarian dishes. You can also enjoy smoking flavour-infused hookah or shisha and savouring the delectable Arabic coffee.

You can enjoy unlimited alcohol throughout this desert safari, a BBQ supper, entertainment performances, and more.

You should keep Lighter Clothes, A power bank or a charger, Light Snacks, Hats and Goggles, and Shoes.

Clothing for a desert safari should be versatile, breathable, and adaptable to hot, cold, and a lot of dust. It's hot because it's so sunny in the afternoons in the desert. And cold because, contrary to popular belief, the desert can get very cold in the mornings and evenings.

. For adventure and dune-bashing, those with limited time or busy evenings should try the morning safari. Around nine in the morning, our car will pick you up and drive you directly to the desert.

You can visit the website online to book a desert safari.

. Booking your tickets for the desert safari with our business is simple and quick. You only need to check the updates to confirm the tour. You only need to schedule an online consultation with us once you've found a plan that fits you.

Payment options include credit/debit cards (Visa and Master). Once the money has been made, you will receive a confirmation email, which you may use as proof of purchase to redeem your trip package.

Full refund is available for cancellations requested at least 24 hours before the tour's departure. Under 24 hours before the start of the tour, cancellations are not eligible for reimbursement.