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Premium Desert Safari Dubai With VIP Air Conditioned Majlis & ATV

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Tour Service: Daily
Pick up & Drop Back
Lang: English / Arabic
Adult: AED 999 799
Duration:6 Hours
Pick Up: 3:00 Pm
Free Wifi Available
Child: AED 899 719

AED 799 | AED 999 20 % OFF Till : 31st October

Dubai Travel Tourism
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Premium Desert Safari Dubai With VIP Air Conditioned Majlis & ATV


  • Pick and drop at a location of your choice, Located in Dubai or Sharjah
  • Pick up & Drop off by Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Sequoia, Nissan Petrol
  • Pick-up time is 03:00 PM and Drop off time is 09:00 PM.
  • Maximum 6 Guests in Each Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • Have a comfortable joy ride in the exquisite 4x4 Land Cruisers.
  • From Dubai to Lahbab Desert is approximately 60 minute drive.
  • Before the dune bashing, convey and deflate the pressure in the tire.
  • 45 minutes Thrilling Dune Bashing by Professional Safari Guide.
  • Photo stop at the Highest dunes to capture photographs.
  • Refreshments at Photo stop Water, Soft Drinks, and Juice.
  • After the Photo stop, again Dune Bashing and reach back to the same spot.
  • Quad biking for 30 minutes with Guide at Open Desert ( Red Dunes )
  • 30 minutes Guided Camel Ride ( One Camel two guest can sit )
  • A picture with a falcon is included. ( Please ask your guide for it )
  • 15 minutes break to pump up the tiers and refresh yourself.
  • Another 25-30 minutes Drive to reach the Desert Camp.
  • Welcome to the Camp with Arabic-style coffee and dates.
  • Seating Arrangement will be separate in VIP Air Condition Majlis.
  • Professional Waitress services to serve everything on Tabel.
  • Cold Drinks, Water, Juice. ( Alcohol Additional Charges ).
  • Dinner, tea, drinks, service on own table with personal assistance.
  • Live Barbeque, Premium Buffet Dinner (Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian).
  • Whole Light and Sound display on stage and around the Camp.
  • Fire Show (Performed by Male Artist ).
  • Tanura Dance Colorful Light entertainment.
  • Belly Dance Show on Traditional Arabic music.
  • All artists will perform a live show.
  • An Experienced Safari guide with good knowledge of the Desert.
  • From Camp to Dubai is Approximately 45 minute to 1 Hours Drive.
  • Drive back city and drop off your location
  • For 5 or 6 people who want to start the journey earlier or later, just let us know while booking.
  • Fill out the form with the Flight Landing time and Departure time to experience Desert Safari during a flight stopover at Dubai Airport. Your adventure will be scheduled, and we will get back to you with the details.


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  • We have professional off-road licensed drivers approved form DTCM
    (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing)
  • Refreshments like water/cold drinks/juices will be provided.
  • Cash payment in any Currency can be made at the pickup tiBook a safari adventure with us if.
  • If you have half a day or more to spare in Dubai during your cruise with us.
  • Pick-up can be arranged from the Cruise Terminal or Port Rashid, Dubai.
  • Our cars are legally approved, fully insured, air-conditioned and comfortable.
  • Pick and Drop is part of the package from your residence/hotel/apartment in Dubai or Sharjah.
  • For Safari, during flight stopover, pick-and-drop locations outside the airport will be scheduled.
  • Separate tables for vegetarians and non-vegetarians are provided. All food is included in the price.
  • Vehicle Type: Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Location: Anywhere in Dubai & Sharjah
  • Seating Arrangement: VIP Majlis

Yes, 30 minutes Quad Ride is already included in this tour.

VIP packages offers 30 minutes Camel Ride without any extra charges.

Yes you can hire Dune Buggy for as well.

Yes, VIP Majlis has neat and clean area for rest and separate washroom facility is already there.

No, you need to pay additional for Alcohol and Sheesha.

We wil be taking you to Lahbab Desert.

Yes, they are. However, as a safety measure, they are not permitted to conduct dune bashing.

 Normally 6 people can adjust in one car easily.

Yes, you can surely book a private car for your Safari Trip as well. It will cost extra on top of the total bill.

Yes, if you don’t want to experience dune bashing you can stay at waiting area as it is neat and clean and also air conditioned area.

If you want to directly go to campsite you need to book a private vehicle for yourself.

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