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Important Information

  • Once you fill out our form online and do the needful you will receive a confirmation on your screens immediately.
  • You will also receive an email confirmation from our booking team confirming the details of your trip.
  • There would be a follow via phone call (on International Number) before the trips due date, you will also receive text messages via WHATS APP on the developments leading to your visit to the Arabian Deserts.


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Hotel / Apartment Yes
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Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai With Camel Trekking & Sand Boarding

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai
Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai
Tour Service: Daily
Pick up & Drop Back
Lang: English / Arabic
Adult: AED 199 149
Duration:4 Hours
Pick Up: 4:00 Am
Free Wifi Available
Child: AED 179 134

AED 149 | AED 199 25 % OFF Till : 31st July

Dubai Travel Tourism

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai With Camel Trekking & Sand Boarding

Tour Highlights

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Tour Inclusions

  • Set up your pick-up time. (Early Pick-up on request)
  • Pick up from your Hotel or residence in Dubai or Sharjah.
  • The pick-up time will be mentioned on the confirmation email as per sunrise.
  • Pick up & Drop off by SUV have a comfortable joy-ride in the exquisite.
  • From Dubai to Lahbab Desert, it is approximately 60 minute's Drive
  • Lahab Desert ( Red Dunes, the biggest desert in the territory )
  • Before the dune bashing, convey and deflate the pressure in the tire.
  • Sunrise Photography at the highest Dunes ( Safari Guide will help you )
  • Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty as the sun rises from the horizon.
  • 30-45 Minutes Thrilling Dune Bashing At Lahbab Desert ( Red Dunes )
  • Get an unlimited supply of Chilled Soft Drinks and Water.
  • 20 Minutes of Guided Sand Boarding & 30 Minutes of Camel Riding.
  • Once you have had the time of your life, get back in your 4x4
  • Your journey back to the city, along with hundreds of memories that you just made


  • Minimum 4 guests are eligible to hire a sharing vehicle for this tour. 3 or less than three guests need to hire a private car to book a sunrise desert safari.



  1. Quad above age 10, 150 cc 30 Min
  2. Quad Above age 14, 250 cc 30 Min
  3. Quad Above age 16, 300cc 30 Min
  4. Quad Above age 18, 350 cc 30 Min
  5. 800 cc 2 Seater Dune Buggy 30 Min
  6. 800 cc 2 Seater Dune Buggy 60 Min
  7. 1000 cc RZR 2 Seater 30 Min
  8. 1000 cc RZR 2 Seater 60 Min
  9. Can-am Turbo 2 Seater 30 Min
  10. Can-am Turbo 2 Seater 60 Min


Here is some vital information you should know before joining the tour.

The packages and our services, not all but some of them, might be closed on some of the weekends and some specific weekdays. As ordered by the government, and we have no control over it. So, the customers are requested to obey the guidelines.

Serving Policy
We do have some rules according to which we don't serve any alcoholic beverages to our guests during some of our Islamic holidays or national holidays. Guests will also not be able to enjoy live entertainment during that time. Any use of Alcohol will not be allowed.

Suppose you are leaving your belongings at any place and on tour at that time. If your belongings get lost during that time, the company will not be responsible for your losses. It will be your responsibility if you forget your belongings like media equipment, wallets, valuable jewelry items, and other stuff. You will have no right of blaming our drivers and guides. You will be responsible for your property.

The guests are not allowed to put strollers in the vehicles. If you want to do so, you will have to inform us beforehand and make a reservation for it as well.

Terms and Conditions
We recommend reading and understanding the "Terms and Conditions" on the tour brochure and itinerary. All of our contact details are mentioned on it and other terms.

Photography Restrictions
We allow our guests and customers to film and photograph their tour experience. Still, it is prohibited to take photos of ladies, residents of the UAE, Private properties, military, government buildings, and various other installations.

Clean Environment
Littering is strictly prohibited; if you do so, you might have to deal with some severe consequences.

Smoking Prohibition
It is strictly prohibited to smoke in public areas.

Important Documents to Carry
There are some exceptions in which you might need some important documents like:
Your original passport.
The company will not be responsible if you miss any documents because we notify our customers about what they might need during the tour.

Tour exclusions are those points which are not included in the tour and you will have to pay for them separately in order to enjoy those adventures. These tour Exclusions include Quad biking, Dune buggy, and breakfast as well.

Here are all the details about the timings and location details for pick and drops.


  • The locations are Airport District, Deira, Bur Dubai, Jaddaf, Sheikh Zayed Road, Down Town Dubai, Jumeirah.The pickup timing will be 4:15 to 4:30 AM and you will be dropped off by

08:30 AM to 09:00 AM.

  • The other location includes Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Jabel Ali, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai Hills, JVC, and Sports City.The pick-up timing for the above location is 4:30 to 4:45 AM and you will be dropped off at 08:30 AM to 09:00 AM,


  • For the locations of Airport District, Deira, Bur Dubai, Jaddaf, Sheikh Zayed Road, Down Town Dubai, and Jumeirah the pick-up time will be 05:00 to 05:15 AM and you will be dropped off at 09:30 AM to 10:00 AM.
  • For the locations of Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Jabel Ali, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai Hills, JVC, and Sports City, you will be picked up at 5:30 to 5:45 AM and dropped off by 09:30 AM to 10:00 AM.

The transferring time might vary from 15 to 30 minutes to the time mentioned on website. It would depend on traffic but we will try our best to make it on time which we mentioned. We provide shared and private vehicles. You can book a safari if you have half of your day at the cruise but the rest if free. In this situation you will be Picked up from Cruise Terminal or Port Rashid, Dubai. If there is a layover of your flight then we will pick you up from airport and drop you off there as well on time.

  1. Coordination

Before the tour starts, the driver will contact you 1 day before the tour.

  1. After checking in the hotel, you will have to share all of the details related to your stay, including your room no and your id of booking as well. You will have to email us your credentials. The driver will tell the receptionist after arriving.
  1. If you cannot reach the driver, you will have to contact our office or visit our office. Please call us on the numbers given on the tour brochure.

Desert Safari includes many adventures that you all want to enjoy with your kids and make memories with. But there are some policies which we bound our customers to. Child under the age of 3 years is considered infants, and they will not be charged any fee. Those kids who are only a few months are not allowed on the ride. This is so because the ride is bumpy and dangerous for infants who haven't even learned to balance and sit properly. It is advised not to bring kids who haven't learned to balance their necks and how to sit without proper support.

Some Compulsions For Different Age Groups

There are some limitations and compulsions applicable to individuals belonging to various age groups, including:

For Kids Under the Age of 3 Years

  • Those kids whose age ranges between 3 years to 10 years will be charged a child's rate. Kids younger than three can sit on their mother's or caretaker's lap, but kids between 3 and 10 years of age require a separate seat.

For kids Ranging Between 3 to 10 Years of Age

  • For that, they will be charged a child's rate. The child's rate is half of what adults are being charged. So, if the kid ranges between 3 and 10 years of age, they will be charged half the fee.

Children Above 10 Years of Age

  • Those children in the age group above ten years will be charged an adult rate. Children who will be more than ten years of age will be considered adults and will get charged a full fee for activities of desert safari.

Mandatory Rules

  1. All children must be with their guardians, parents, or caretakers. If a child is alone, he will not be allowed to participate in the activities. Another situation is that parents come with the child but are unwilling to join them on the adventure and ride. They are demanding we take them on the ride without them.
  2. If the child is under ten, it will be mandatory for the child's parents to join the child in the adventure. If the child is over ten years old and with the parents but wants to take the ride alone, that can happen. But all children must be with their guardians, parents, caretakers, or any other elderly relative.
  3. If the child is under the age of 3 years, then on request, a child's seat can be added as per request. There will be no charges for one child's heart. The child's seat provided by us is an extra seating placed on the ride's seat, and it has seat belts to support the child.


Any scam or fraud like forging the age of a child and any misleading information will have consequences that the guardian or the parents will have to face, and the company also has the right to press charges if such fraud appears.

The adventures of desert safari can get rough and bumpy sometimes and include dune bashing, undulating, and rough patches. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some people to experience real adventure in their life, but some conditions can restrict them from doing so. Understanding the feelings of willing participants, we came up with a solution in which we are not entirely prohibiting the involvement of pregnant and older adults in adventurous activities. Still, we are just restricting some dangerous ones so they can also make memories with their loved ones.

Policy For Pregnant Females

We have some restrictions for pregnant females that are as follows.

•          We do not allow pregnant women to join the adventure if they still want to join. They will be joining at their own risk.

•          No matter how persistent they are, we will still drop them off at our exit point before we start dune bashing, and after the 40 minutes of dune bashing, they can join in with the family.

•          Because it is risky for pregnant women to join the adventure, we ask them to sign a consent form and a reading which says that they are getting involved in our adventurous activities at their own risk.

We recommend not joining in for senior citizens and older adults because it is also risky for them to be on board on all of our adventures.


Restrictions For Elderly People

Here are some of the restrictions which are implemented if and only if:

•          If a person is elderly and facing backbone-related problems like disc slip and other backbone problems. We recommend such people not to take the adventure rides, but that person can take the tour.

•          If the person is hypertensive and has heart issues, we restrict such people to prevent the dune bashing part and continue the rest of the adventure with the family normally.

Our driver will safely drop the person at the exit point, and after 40 minutes of dune bashing, that person will be picked up again to enjoy the other side with the family.

At this point, we mostly deflate the tyers of our rides to prepare them to enter the desert. This point also has various waiting rooms where the person can wait. The waiting rooms are also equipped with comfortable chairs, reclining chairs, and air conditioners. There are different souvenir shops, cultural shops, and other shops with cool stuff that can be visited while you are waiting. If you get hungry, there are many tuck shops, cafes, and restaurants for you to see. This is where we start our tours and adventures with our guests.

We take no joy in restricting and prohibiting our adventures to people with some conditions. It is not a case of getting offended because it is for people's safety. So, consider all of these points before getting a booking.

Dubai desert safari is a lifetime experience you should get and shouldn't miss out on. But to experience an adventure, you need to book it first. And it is equally important to have information about the ongoing deals and packages and also some information about individual experiences if you are not willing to take a package. After having enough information, you can book a package. You will get a booking confirmation email. You have to check the spam or juke box section. You will also get informed by our team member via call or whatsapp. Comparing the prices of various packages tells you much more about what package you should choose. Here are some details which will help you a lot.

How to Book a Dubai Desert Safari?

Dubai desert safari is a lifetime experience, and many people wonder about the method of booking a tour with a desert safari. Here are some of the steps that you need to follow and know while booking a desert safari.


  1. Date and Time

decide a date and specific time on which you need to book the desert safari. Making plans is the essential part of going out for adventures because that is where everything stays arranged and regulated.

  1. No of the People Joining

You should know the number of people joining the desert safari, and then you have to book accordingly. If there are more people, you will need to book a larger package, and if there are fewer, then according to the number of people, your adventure will be booked.


  1. Packages and Deals

The first thing that you need to do is to know what options you have and what type of adventures you like. Once you know the kind of adventures you want to experience and the variety of activities you would like to be involved in, you will have to select a specific package in which they are available. While looking for packages, you have to consider whether you have phobias or psychological conditions like claustrophobia. While looking for a package, you will also notice one thing: the timing of the tour. You have to choose the one which is accessible and available.


  1. Prices Comparison

Prices are an important factor that many people don't bother to look at. But we recommend selecting a package which is not only reasonable but also in your budget. If you exceed your budget, you might face a problem while paying because the prices may vary a little, and the taxes are added at the time of payment. So, choose wisely and the ideal deal with all your favorite features and options.


  1. Hire A Guide

If you need a guide and are doing this adventure for the first time, we highly recommend booking a guide for your tour to have more fun with your experience.


  1. Reservation

After sorting everything out and deciding the type of adventure you will be getting, what's left is to get that one specific package reserved for yourself because getting a reservation is the most crucial part. It is the only thing that saves your package from getting sold out.


  1. Booking Options

Here are some available booking options and you can choose them according to your convenience.

•          Getting the package and slot booked from the website is easy, and you can do so.

•          You can visit the office to get the bookings done.

•          You can contact us on our Whatsapp and contact numbers to get the booking done.


We provide our customers with several options and make booking easy for them. We recommend the customers to take every step seriously and to follow it as mentioned.





Payment Options

Our customers can choose various payment options based on their convenience.

•          You can choose the bank transfer option. We accept both debit and credit cards. You will get a payment link by out accounts department that you will have to follow in order to proceed the payment. PayPal is also an option if payment.

•          Online banking option is also available.

•          We accept all currencies if you want to pay in cash but you will have to pay at the time of pickup and the current conversion rate will be considered. There is no reason for us to charge our customers excessively. We provide what we promise and charge for it only and that’s how our customers are able to get cheap lifetime experiences.



Additional Payments

There are some conditions on which there will be charges that are mentioned below:

•          At the time of booking, 5 % VAT tax will be charged.

•          We accept all age groups, and infants will be charged no fees.

•          Kids will be charged 15% less of what adults are being charged.

•          we will charge additional 150 AED if you want to be pickedup from Lapita Hotel and Resort. J A Beach Hotel, Jebel Ali.Marriot, Green Community.Ghaya Grand Hotel.

We are one of those companies with very healthy relationships with their clients and customers. We understand that there can be some circumstances in which it could not be possible for you to come and attend the booked and reserved service. You can cancel the booking. It is recommended that you give our cancellation policy a read, so you don't have to face any problems. Further details about cancellation policies are as follows:


Procedure of Cancellation

If you have to cancel the booked service, you must cancel it by following the following steps.

• You have to make a formal call, or else you can email the request with a proper reason.

• Our agent or representative will get back to you as soon as we review the request.

• If we find the reason suitable, we will proceed.

We recommend the customers be patient and wait for our representative to get back to you. We also recommend them to be respectful towards our staff.


Refund Policy

If your request is applicable to refund, the amount will be refunded into the account from which the transaction was made. 60 AED will be the amount that will be deducted as a fine.

Here are the conditions.

• If the refund request is placed seven days before the tour date, you will get a 95 % refund.

• If the refund request is placed 5-7 days before the tour date, you will get an 80 % refund.

• If the refund request is placed 96 hours before the tour date, you will get a 0 % refund.

• If you have not canceled and don't show up as well, you will also not get a refund.

• If the cancellation request was emailed seven days before the tour, but the refund request wants to be forwarded, there will be no refund. You have to forward both cancellation requests and refund requests as well.


Exception for Compensations

A guaranteed departure service cannot be canceled. For instance, you booked your tour, and then you bought it as well. In this case, there will be no refund on cancellation as well. Cancellation and refund will be accepted in the following mentioned situations.

1. Flight cancellation

2. Adverse natural disasters and weather conditions.

If and only if we cannot provide the booked tour, we will refund the whole amount into the account from which the transaction was made. The 2nd option is that the client will be offered the same tour on another day to compensate. In case of a show fails to use the ticket at the particular date mentioned on the ticket, no refunds and no revision will be done.

Same conditions will be applicable for the transportation booking and use cancellation and refunds for transport cancellations. If there is any case reported of fraud and theft, it will be dealt with legally.

Desert Safari is the most adventurous tour that you can get. On this tour, you get various rides and adventures. One of the essential policies includes the seating policies because we have seen some customers and guests fight over seats. To prevent that, we have introduced our seating policy.

First of all, you will be joining us at the main exit point from where our tour starts. You will meet the guide there and the driver as well.


Seating Method

You have to follow the seating method mentioned below

The driver will be the one who will be managing seats and allotting seats to every guest. So, the guests will be seated as per the driver’s instructions.

•          The seating policy works on a first come and get it basis. If a person has arrived on time before anyone else and requests to be seated at the window seat then we will make his request happen.

•          If a person is late and wants the seat of his requirement, we will not be able to entertain his requests.

•          Fastening the seat belt is 100% mandatory.

•          If the guests share the vehicle, they will have to compromise until we make special arrangements on their requests.

•          There is other stuff on the tour that you will have to share with other customers.

•          Sharing is a caring act; by doing so, you may make new friends.

•          In our SUV has eight seats, including the driver's seat. One guest will be seated in the front seat. Three people will be sitting in the middle chair. Then the remaining two will be adjusted at the back.

•          In case you don't want to share the Vehicle with other guests, then you will have to make reservations beforehand for a separate Vehicle, and there will be extra charges for that. If you notified us on the day of the tour that you would like a Private Vehicle, you would have to share the Vehicle until we make special arrangements for you.


Seating Rules

You will have to follow a set of rules while enjoying the ride on our vehicle.

•          You will have to be respectful with our driver because any offensive behavior and hate speech will be punishable.

•          It is mandatory to fasten the seatbelt when the driver asks you to.

•          It is prohibited to litter in and outside the Vehicle is prohibited. If you do so, you will be charged with a fine.

It is quite important to understand the dress code before visiting certain places. We are here to guide you regarding the dress code which is appropriate for Dubai Desert Safari tour.

On Hot Days

It is recommended to wear light clothes. Most of the time around the year, we have summers. Early mornings are somewhat chilly, so we recommend bringing a scarf or a stole. We also suggest the guests bring sunscreen, shades, hats, glasses, and water for hydration.

On Cold Days

When the weather is cold, we also recommend bringing jackets, sweaters, and coats. They will keep you warm during your tour.


What to wear on a Desert Safari?

You don't get the option of experiencing a desert safari every day. It is a lifetime experience, and you must make it memorable. The one thing you need to make sure of is that you have to wear comfortable clothes. If you are not satisfied, then how will you be able to enjoy it?

Here are some guidelines:

Color of the dress

You know when it's summer around the clock, you have to wear clothes that are light in color. Because light colors like white reflect most of the heat, whereas black absorbs all of it, you will get hotter when more heat is enjoyable. The purpose is to stay light and sweat less.

Style of the Dress

Many women in UAE wear hijabs and scarves. They are recommended to choose light colors for the hijab. For foreigners, it is best to wear full sleeves cardigan shirts with trousers or capris. Because when they don't and their skin gets poorly tanned, which does have various side effects. It damages the skin.

Foot Wear

Footwear is essential and one of the most critical to wear on your trip to desert safari. If you are wearing flip-flops, choosing one is not the ideal day. Because everywhere is so sandy, you will feel irritated when you get sand on your sweaty feet. Hiking boots would be best for a tour to a desert safari. You will walk easily without the fear of getting your feet dirty.


Here is a list of accessories you might need on your way to a desert safari.

•          A Hat to protect your head from the direct rays of the sun and blows of sands as well. You will also need a sunscreen and the driver will provide you soft drinks and water as well.

•          A pair of extra shoes is recommended.

•          Shades and a pair of sunglasses are very important because you must protect your eyes from the scorching heat and sunlight.

•          A pair of gloves of your choice is an option. It is better if you have them

There are various adventures of desert safari and sometimes, they can get rough and bumpy. Especially dune bashing is a very rough sport. For anyone, it will be a lifetime experience to enjoy this amazing tour. But there can be natural disasters and some uncontrollable situations. For those cases, we have some insurance policies that are as follows.


Insurance Details

For Desert Safari, we provide insurance as well for certain circumstances only. The details about what our insurance covers are as follows:

•          We have insurance for all of our vehicles.

•          All of our vehicles are legally registered and approved. They are all air-conditioned cars.

•          If there is a mishap then the company’s insurance will cover all the damage.

•          If there is damage in which something happens to our customers then we provide insurance for them as well. Their loss will be covered under our insurance pack. These situations can be like a natural disaster, a vehicle going out of control, or a weather disaster as well.

Insurance Coverage:

•          All our vehicles are fully insured including Passengers.

•          Our cars are legally approved, fully insured, air-conditioned and comfortable.


Travel Health Insurance

It is recommended that guests should have travel health insurance for the country they are traveling in. It is a safety measure that every traveler should take into consideration. When you arrive in a new country you will view what options are available and then select the package accordingly.

Overall Travel Insurance

Not only health but considering overall travel insurance would be amazing. Because it will not only cover your health but other stuff as well. It is a safety measure which every traveler should take into consideration. When you arrive in a new country you will view what options are available and then select the package accordingly. So, if any of your belongings get damaged by a natural disaster or any serious condition, they will be taken care of by the insurance company. So, what’s stopping you to be on the safer side? Get insured on the first day of your visit and be safe.


Yes, it is legal and there is no hidden / extra cost to do photography in the desert. You can take photos and pictures as many as you want. In the lovely atmosphere of sandy desert, you would love to capture the nice scenery in the background, dunes around and many other things you might not have seen ever before.

Yes, it is absolutely safe. Our team of safari professionals  are experts and experienced in all the safari rides and related services.

Yes, for sure, and being extra careful for those women who are pregnant, we dont recommend the desert rides like Camel Riding, Quad Biking and Dune Buggy etc For other activities, there are extra safety measures we do, so you can enjoy and have the desert safari fun at its peak.

There is no age limit to enjoy the desert safari tour. Infants, kids and adults of all ages are allowed to enter in the desert. For infants and kids, you need to be extra careful, there are few desert rides which has age limit.

Yes, we do offer special discounts for the bulk bookings as well as for groups.

One or more people can book the tour and there is no any specific limit.

Yes, you will have to inform Us one Day Before the tour via Whats app or call.

Normally, dune bashing is a standard inclusion for all types of safari tours.

Comfortable clothing along with lots of sunscreen is recommended. Also do carry cap/hat, scarf, sunglasses and a camera. Jackets are recommended during the winter months.


yes, you can take photos with the came.

No at all, Camels are fully tamed. And 100% secure.

Yes, Camel Ride Dubai is 100% safe for the kids.

Yes, We’ve special dune buggies available for children.

There are different type of buggies available. 2,3,4 seating are available.

No, You don’t need a license to drive the dune buggy.

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