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Burj Khalifa 2024 Eve | Souk Al Bahar Restaurant Last Corner Table For 2


Menus For Mezze

Most Lebanese and European restaurants in our hotels serve various Middle Eastern mezze favourites. Souk Al Bahar, Dubai Marina, St. Regis Hotel, and Souq Qaryat Al Beri focus on upscale Lebanese mezze in a magnificently ornate dining environment. You can anticipate tasty tiny appetizers and all the expertly prepared classic hallmark dishes. Not just our hotels in Dubai provide a mezze menu. Particularly during the holiday season, our catering service offers an excellent replication of the ABD EL WAHAB experience in any venue.

The Best Lebanese Mezze Platter

Your new favourite party appetizer will be the best Lebanese mezze platter by ABD EL WAHAB. The most vibrant and savoury dish features vegetables, marinated olives, pita bread, and classic Lebanese dips like hummus and baba ganoush. Without some mezze, a party could not be a party! The most acceptable food method is mezze, which is Greek or Middle Eastern food and means "appetizer." If it's just our family or a big party, we prefer to serve mezze since everyone can enjoy many different flavours!

There is nothing better than Lebanese cuisine, which always uses the freshest herbs and vegetables, gorgeous spreads and dips, excellent cheese, pita bread, and exquisitely marinated olives. Both children and adults enjoy this straightforward and healthy eating method. You will be so happy to put all of these ingredients on a dish to share!

How We Prepare The Ideal Meze Platter?

Variety is essential when creating a Mezze platter, whether we are trying to serve two or twelve people. This platter can be enhanced with various delicious Mediterranean flavours to ensure that every guest will find something they enjoy.

  • Spreads And Dips

In Lebanese cuisine, dips and spreads are relatively common. Baba Ganoush is a beautiful eggplant dip that can be made at home or purchased, while Labneh is a rich and creamy yogurt spread that resembles cream cheese.

  • Veggies

Freshly cut vegetables provide an excellent complement to your platter and go well with all three dips. It is prepared by adding diverse flavours and colours, including pickles, freshly sliced radishes, pickled turnips, and cucumbers that have been cut or ribboned.

  • Cheese

The Lebanese string cheese Majdoul, which means "braided," is braided and has a very mild flavour. Labneh balls are composed of strained yogurt rolled into balls and kept in olive oil.

  • Dolmas Or Grape Leaf Stuffed

Greek Dolmas are typically served cold and have only rice filling, while Lebanese stuffed grape leaves are filled with rice and spiced minced meat.

  • Flavoured Olives

Kalamata and green olives combined, marinated in olive oil, herbs, lemon juice, and rind.

  • Bread

Pita bread is a circular, yeast-leavened flatbread that is excellent for dipping.

  • Tempura Chickpeas

Store-bought or homemade roasted chickpeas give the creamy hummus dip the perfect crunch as a topping.

  • Spices

One of the favourite Lebanese spices, zatar, may be used in any recipe, but you especially enjoy topping Labneh with it for taste.

  • Garnish And Herbs

The dish will have a great perfume if you add fresh mint and rosemary, and during the holidays, I like to add a quarter of pomegranate for colour.


  • Already present set menu for food.

You will be serving unlimited standard alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks


  1. First Line Table

Table Charges

  • The charges for the first Line per person are 6000 AED.
  • The charges for the second Line are 4500 AED per person.
  • The charges for inside are 3500 AED per person.

ABD EL WAHAB can provide you with a variety of services. They are available in:

  • Souk Al Bahar: Downtown Burj Khalifa Souk Al Bahar – 3rd Level – Dubai

ABD EL WAHAB has a massive community of patrons. We have developed positive and enduring connections with our clients for many years. The relationship was established by creating signature partnerships with the Co-ops in the United Arab Emirates, which allowed ABD EL WAHAB to connect with the locals looking for dependable, high-quality food.

We are here to create and run restaurants that live up to the high standards demanded by the world's most famous institutions. For this specific reason, we have put together a multidisciplinary team of professionals with the rare combination of abilities, expertise, and creative thinking needed to direct the growth of successful food service brands. Our catering service is a fantastic replication of the ABD EL WAHAB experience in any setting, especially during the holiday season! We make sure that you will enjoy our dishes. Contact us now to get further details about our services.

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