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25 % off

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai With Camel Trekking & Sand Boarding

Tour Duration
4 Hours
Valid : 10th Jun 2024
AED 199    AED 149
20 % off

Morning Desert Safari & Dune Bashing In Dubai

Tour Duration
3 Hours
Valid : 10th Jun 2024
AED 199    AED 159
40 % off

Morning Red Dune Desert Safari Lahbab Desert

Tour Duration
4 Hours
Valid : 10th Jun 2024
AED 249    AED 149

Morning Camel Trekking Experience At Lahbab Desert

Tour Duration
4 Hours
Start From
AED 350

Hatta Mountain Safari

Tour Duration
6 Hours
Start From
AED 699

AED Loading 699
Dubai Travel Tourism

About Desert Safari Dubai Tours

      Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Not everyone is a night owl and there are people who love the calm environment of early morning and the sunrise as well. Morning Desert Safari is for all those people who love sun rises. In the morning Desert Safari, you will get to experience not only enchanting views but you will also get to go for daring adventures. There are many adventures waiting for you in this Desert Safari Dubai.

Unravel the Secrets of Deserts

The deserts of Dubai are huge and hold so many secrets. If you choose to go on a desert safari Dubai then you will get to discover them on your own. Isn’t that amazing? There are many species of wildlife that are only found in these deserts of Dubai and can’t be found else in the world. So, hop on your ride to experience the amazing secrets of Arabia in your next morning desert safari. It will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Level Up Your Adventure Game with Dune Bashing

One of the most daring escapades of desert safari Dubai is dune bashing. It is a daunting adventure and not for the faint of hearts. You will go on for the adventure of dune bashing in an SUV or a luxury 4-by-4 vehicle. It will make sure that your whole dune-bashing adventure on a desert safari is safe and comfortable. Your dune-bashing ride can be anywhere from 40 to 45 minutes. Sit tight because you are in for an adventurous ride in Desert Safari Dubai.

Witness the mesmerizing Sun Rise from Red Dunes of Desert

The best part about the tour in the whole desert safari Dubai will be the time when you will be viewing the most alluring views of the sun rising from the sand dunes of the Arabian Desert. This magical scene is so enchanting that it will put you in trance. You will forget all the worries of the world and all you will remember will be that view. If you want to experience such appealing views then you have to go on a Morning Desert Safari Tour now.

Experience the Bedouin Culture

You not only experience adventures in Desert Safari Dubai but you also get to experience some rich culture and Arabian Tradition. Bedouin camping is the way to go if you are looking for an opportunity to experience all the Arabian Culture at one place. This Bedouin Camping is a part of desert safari. You not only get to try pure Arabian food but you also get to experience its culture through live shows and the warm hospitality of the hosts.

Enjoy Camel Riding

If you want to experience both the culture and adventure at the same time then camel riding is your answer. Camels were the only way of transportation for Arabs in deserts hundreds of years ago and they will take you back in history as you ride them. In morning desert safari, you get a chance to ride camels for 10 to 30 minutes.