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Premium Desert Safari Dubai With VIP Air Conditioned Majlis & ATV

Tour Duration
6 Hours
Start From
AED 999

AED Loading 999
Dubai Travel Tourism
20 % off

VIP Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai with Live Performance

Tour Duration
Valid : 10th Jun 2024
AED 499    AED 399

VIP Desert Safari Dubai With 5 Star Gourmet Buffet Top Rated

Tour Duration
7 Hours
Start From
AED 1199

Royal Luxury VIP Desert Safari DTT Signature

Tour Duration
9 Hours
Start From
AED 14000

AED Loading 14000
Dubai Travel Tourism

VIP Desert Safari With Private Tent Al Inclusive | Luxury Tours & Activiti

Tour Duration
5 Hours
Start From
AED 29999

5 Star Sunset Experience At Sonara Camp's Lounge

Tour Duration
Start From
AED 1200

AED Loading 1200
Dubai Travel Tourism

About Desert Safari Dubai Tours

We all know that Dubai is eminent in the whole world for its Luxurious and VIP opportunities. It is a place where you can experience luxury at its most. So, on desert safari, you can experience it too. Many people say that if you go for a desert safari tour then you will definitely have to get out of your comfort zone to experience some things. But this is not the case with a premium desert safari. You can experience it all by staying in your comfort zone. So, get a VIP experience in Premium Desert Safari.

Enjoy Private VIP Majlis

In most Desert safari Dubai, you have to share the camp or Majlis with other people. But in Premium desert safari, you get to experience the royal and luxurious majlis that you have all for yourself. The privacy levels up the game and you get even more opulent vibes. Premium desert safari is all about providing you one-of-a-kind experience that you have never experienced in a desert safari.

Experience Royal Treatment in a Private Camp

If you have decided to stay overnight then on Premium desert safari, you will get a private camp. In that private camp, you will get all the amenities and facilities that you might need to spend a night. The best part about this camp is that you will get to have free snacks and refreshments in it. So, what are you waiting for? Get the most out of your desert safari tour in a Premium desert safari tour.

Premium Dune Bashing Experience Awaits You

The dune bashing experience will get even more exciting and luxurious for your because you will get to do it in the most luxurious SUV vehicle. You will get a private guide and a private vehicle all to yourself for 40 to 45 minutes, isn’t it amazing? You will also have the liberty to expand your dune-bashing experience if you are having fun on this desert safari.

Experience Adventures in Opulence

The best part of any desert safari is its adventures. Because there is no fun in going for a desert safari tour if you are not going to go for adventures. They are the best part of the desert safari Dubai. But to level up the game, in premium desert safari, you get to have a private guide for all of your adventures. For instance, there will be a private guide for dune bashing, there will be a private guide quad biking, there will be a private guide for sand boarding and camel riding.

Exquisite Dinner Prepared by a Private Chef

The dinner of premium desert safari will be like the cherry on top. You will be assigned a private chef. You will also have a private menu and your chef will prepare your dinner fresh according to your likes and dislikes. The best thing about the dinner is that you will have both veg and non-veg options but the main highlight of the evening will be the all-famous BBQ.