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Dubai a better place for vacations.

Desert safari Dubai:

Desert Safari Dubai is a fantastic and exciting excursion that allows you to experience and participate in the evenings of the Dubai desert. We provide you the best of Dubai evening desert safari at Ideal Desert Safari, and we appreciate it when it is at its best, such as when the sun sets over the ridges and the desert temperature drops. You will be able to enjoy the hypnotizing and clear sky, as well as the Arabian Desert in the evening. We require your participation in your Dubai excursion, and what could be more pleasurable than an outing that provides you with a unique perspective of the desert and Emirati culture while also providing you with a delightful encounter?

Tour details:

The tour begins with a  ridge smash, which involves an exhilarating ride through the endlessly long and notable sand valleys. Hill slamming is the main event of this adventure, which is a thrilling experience in and of itself. Desert safari Dubai is followed by a range of enjoyable activities like camel riding, henna tattooing, incredible photography opportunities at sunset in the desert, and shisha smoking. You obtain a spectacular perspective for photography meetings and evaluating different social clothes and henna tattoos at dusk.

A well-known section of the desert safari. You will ski from the highest peaks on a ski board; everyone can do it, and if you fall, the delicate sand will catch you. A desert safari is a thrilling experience that everyone should have. To get the most out of sand-skiing, we recommend booking the red rise safari.

The camel trip is another well-known desert activity. Enjoy the sunset while ascending the most remarkable incline towards the camp, where refreshments and supper are waiting for you.

When going on a desert safari in Dubai, one should have a camera because the views are breathtaking. Additionally, because there is no sign at the campgrounds, one should wear comfortable clothing and avoid adornments, expensive watches, and mobile phones. Try our Arabic espresso and shake your stomach with our tummy artist at the camp!

Dubai desert safari along with ATV:

Desert Safari Dubai with Atv is an amazing and exciting excursion that provides a spectacular opportunity to experience and participate in the evening of the Dubai desert.

Morning desert safari:

This Dubai morning safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The simple and chilly early morning wind, along with the glow of the desert sun, will be the most pleasant experience of your life. The morning safari begins with ridge smashing, which is both cheerful and exciting.

drivers will collect you up from your hotel or house early in the morning and take you to Lahbab, a desert refuge. Early morning desert safari on a  land cruiser for a jaunt across the dunes to experience dune bashing and be enchanted by the breathtaking panoramic views.

Stop at a delicious desert portrayal seen on the highest point of the desert ridges and take as many stills as you can. Exercises like rising slamming, sandboarding, quad trekking, hawk show, and others might help you relax.

You can also go on a camel ride early in the morning to catch a glimpse of the dawn and the desert light. Because photography is permitted in the desert, you can take part in the Early Morning Safari Dubai and capture wonderful memories.

Consider the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the desert in the early hours of the day, when the sun is still shining brightly.

Sunrise desert safari:

Sun Rise Desert Safari in Dubai is an all-around made visit to study the enthralling of Dubai on a tour that takes you from bustling city life to dazzling desert hills. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the sunrise from one of Dubai's most beautiful deserts. Relax in the beautiful atmosphere as the sun rises and the primary sparkles of the day fill the breeze with their warm flashes, illuminating the desert and your emotions. Even though it is a rare vantage point in the evening, people can take advantage of it in the morning to view the sunrise from Dubai's most beautiful deserts. Sunrise journeys are well-known among locals and visitors alike.

Sunrise desert safari is an enchanting second, so take advantage of every minute to remember and pass on to loved ones.

Evening desert safari:

Vacationers can participate in a variety of activities during an evening desert safari in Dubai, but quad bicycle riding is possibly the most popular. When the sun sets and the cool breeze blows, the desert of Dubai transforms into a relaxing and quiet environment in which a traveler can appreciate the second without restriction. The hurry of this movement is to scale the goliath ridges, but treacherous sand prevents this. To overcome sand pressure and conquer the apexes, quad bikers add some power with 150CC to 250CC motors. To manage dangers, a quad biker is outfitted with a cap and health monitoring.

Make your way to the desert for an evening desert adventure. In the desert, huge elevations resembling mountains can be seen. Visit the highest point on the ridges and stay for a while to take in the breathtaking views of the Dubai desert.

After bashing the dune, head to the desert camp, where a variety of exercises await you, one of which being ATV Quad Biking. Now is your chance to slam the ridges and find the desert on your own. After the quad bike safari, you can participate in the endless exercises that are going on.

Overnight desert safari in Dubai:

Prepare for an overnight adventure into the vast, red ridges of the deserts of Dubai, complete with high-voltage entertainment and a variety of activities.  Arabic tea and a warm welcome await you. Get dressed and take a camel ride to the proper encampment in the hills to examine the desert like the oldies. Sandboarding and quad hiking are among popular activities.

In the meantime, your stomach should be growling from the endless entertainment, and the outstanding culinary specialty menus will satiate your hunger. You will be re-empowered by the new fragrant cooking such as chicken and lamb BBQ, vegetable lover cuisine, and much more, as well as infinite drinks and sweets.

This isn't the end of the fun; it's only the beginning. The creators of a definitive amusement are always hoping that this time will bring their best performance for the afternoon. Henna painting is a new movement that complements your perfection. On your hands, the artisan will plan the archaic workmanship that appears to be distinct ancient Arab girls.

Put your shoes on and enjoy the peace and beauty of the desert, as well as the splendor of the night in a desert ablaze with moon and starlight and cold breezes. Sit in a majlis-style chair and narrate stories about ancient Arabs. Rest or enjoy the evening and then wait for another splendor of the desert, the only one being daybreak. Then, at long last, an opportune moment to bid farewell to the desert, the land of spiritualists and wonders.

Executive desert safari Dubai:

A regal class for the executives to have the opportunity to experience Dubai's gorgeous desert, natural life, and beautiful culture through the eyes of a Bedouin. You will be driven to a secluded desert location for an otherworldly evening filled with various activities such as dance displays, Tanura shows, lighting shows, fire shows, and delectable meals.

Avoid stressing and bring a camera with you as you go on your adventure. A private land cruiser will pick you up from your accommodation or your destination and take you to the Dubai Desert. You will be escorted to gigantic rises for rising slamming, which is an exhilarating movement, before arriving at camp. In the meantime, you'll be taken to a huge swath of desert to take in the sights.

In the wake of finishing the hill slamming you will be taken to the camp region to savor the unmatched exercises including quad biking, dune buggy, camel riding, and sandboarding. The extraordinary camp exercises anticipate you like different dance shows, private setting up camp, sheesha, Heena painting close by, and exceptional mainland food with limitless beverages. For delectable food, you will be served on a private table with devoted servers.

Dune buggy Desert Safari:

If you haven't had a chance to explore the desert in Dubai, head to the vast expanse and hunt for pumping activities like a dune buggy adventure. A dune buggy is a one-of-a-kind, yet safe, experience that you'll never forget. If you've successfully tried camel riding, sand loading, quad trekking, and rise slamming, then set aside some time for this new adventure and join in the rushes.

In comparison to other desert activities, the dune buggy trip is also well-organized.  Professional aides or drivers will pick you up from your lodging or point of interest and transfer you to the desert location. You can then board your 4-wheeled dune buggy, which will be accompanied by an expert driver and guide.

Drive a dune buggy with an incredible 18-liter engine and configurable transmission over the desert with your driver. There are no chances of a collision or catastrophe because each cart can travel at a different speed across the vast desert expanse.

You may use the steering wheel to steer the vehicle in any direction and ride on the slopes. Take part in a desert adventure that is both safe and challenging. You might select to participate in the dune buggy experience in Jebel Meliha, a popular destination for protected action. For maximum fervor, enthusiasts might go for the crazy dune buggy adventure experience in Dubai.